Friday, 21 March 2014

Mjolnir Magazine: your number 1 place for art by bigots!

Certain people in the white nationalist community of Britain are currently busy putting together a magazine to house their bigotry: Mjolnir.

The Mjolnir website outlines the intentions of the magazine:
Mjolnir is the first step in the cultural fightback against the tidal wave of leftist propaganda. Our enemies have vast financial resources at their disposal and can therefore invest in all the arts – especially that latterly invented form of Gesamtkunstwerk so conducive to indoctrinating the masses: film. We have not such means at our disposal...yet; but classical art forms are not beyond our means: graphic art, plastic art and literature are very much accessible to us. Mjolnir is a magazine set up to collate and showcase these forms of illiberal Eurocentric arts.

The magazine apparently aims to provide a platform for the next Turner:
Quality is known instinctively: go into any art gallery and answer honestly which you prefer, Ian Davenport or J M W Turner. Mjolnir stands for quality...

Above all, Mjolnir is set to have a heavy emphasis on race:
Mjolnir embraces the racial spirit of the children of Europa and any religious or mythic motifs, tropes and discourses within art that relate to how that racial spirit has traditionally expressed itself. Mjolnir recognises the natural order of hierarchy and inequality that is given by natural biological and spiritual inequalities.

The trouble is that the racist right simply doesn't have a particularly good track record with the creative arts. Sure, over the decades they've come up with the occasional H.P. Lovecraft or Leni Riefenstahl, but looking over contemporary white nationalist art we find hilarious paintings, terrible poetry, unplayable video games and Billy Brit the White Pride Muppet. Heavy metal music appears to be the only form that these people have managed to grasp with anything resembling success.

The man behind Mjolnir calls himself David Yorkshire, although this may be a pseudonym. His writing appears on a number of websites: at The Occidental Observer, he rails against Star Trek and 2012; at Western Spring, he transcribes a speech he gave at a National Front meeting. The website of Candour, a journal founded by the British fascist A.K. Chesterton, has also lent its support to Mjolnir, as has Nationalist Asatru News, a site in which a bunch of Odin worshippers get together to discuss how much they hate Jews. (For those unaware, Mjolnir is the name of Thor's hammer in Norse mythology)

In addition, David is a member of everyone's favourite neo-Nazi forum: Stormfront. He discusses Mjolnir... (click to enlarge)


...and best of all, the Holocaust. Some very strange posts here: David seems to believe that any usage of the number six million in the media (even in the title of the television series The Six Million Dollar Man) is part of some kind of Jewish mind-control scheme.

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