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The Ipswich English Community Group: defending East Anglia from orcs!

I've posted before about the Steadfast Trust ("the only charity for the ethnic English") and its calls for English Community Groups to be established around the country. Unsurprisingly, the few groups that have been set up along these lines have turned out to be magnets for cranks and bigots. Any claim to represent the needs and wishes of ordinary English folk will ring hollow when we consider the English Community Group track record:

The Leicester English Community Group was originally chaired by Clive Potter, a man who thinks that a species of grey aliens are warning us about interracial marriage. It later spun off a nationwide group called English Advocates, which has linked to neo-Nazi material on its official Facebook page.

The Essex English Community Group spent most of its time ranting about "wogs" and "the yellow peril" over Facebook.

The short-lived Dorset English Community Group was quickly absorbed into the English Volunteer Force, an EDL splinter group.

The Northants English Welfare Society is fronted by Walter Greenway, a neo-Nazi.

With this in mind, I think that I can be forgiven for not being particularly enthusiastic about the establishment of an Ipswich English Community Group:

This organisation is clearly influenced by the Leicester ECG, right down to using a modification of that group's logo:

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why either group has the futhorc rune equivalent to "T" as their logo. My only guess is that the Leicester group confused it with the somewhat similar rune for "L", and the Ipswich group followed suit. The newly-established and barely active Portsmouth ECG also has a variation on the same logo.

In this posting, the IECG reveals its core membership, complete with amusing insistence on using Old English terms for job titles (a website administrator is a "webb pegn" - who knew?)

Chairman Tim Hawke is a familiar face, as he is a Steadfast trustee. He also has a history of involvement in the nationalist trade union Solidarity (founded by the utterly bizarre Clive Potter) and is an occasional poster at the racist Anglo-Saxon Foundation.

Secretary Darren Clarke will need a little more introduction. He sometimes crops up in the local papers; this Suffolk Free Press story from 2011 announced his plans to hold a Saxon feast on 19 November. We can find more information about this event on the Steadfast Trust website:
'To celebrate the memory of St Edmund the English Shieldwall group is hosting a "St Edmunds Day Evening". 
The venue will be at the ‘Olde Bull Hotel’ in Church Street, Sudbury, Suffolk on the 19th November (Saturday closest to St Edmunds Day – 20th November) at 7pm. 
Already over half the places have been taken up without any advertising so if you would like to be one of the forty guests please contact the organiser Darren on... 
Mobile : [number removed] 
Email : edmundy1271@******.net'

And if we head on over to the aforementioned Anglo-Saxon Foundation, we can find that Darren has an account there under the screenname "edmundy":

In fact, he appears to be personal friends with the forum's owner, Seaxan:

As an aside, it would appear that the chap who designed the group's logo is also an ASF member:

Like many members of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, Darren "Edmundy" Clarke likes to refer to non-white people as "orcs":

He was also involved with the blatantly racist Essex English Community Group:

Here's what the Ipswich ECG has been up to:

Once again we have the line of reasoning that, because there are charitable organisations which exist to help ethnic minority groups, then it is only fair that there are equivalent organisations to help the ethnic majority. One wonders if they also object to the fact that there are charities for children, but none specifically for the adults - along with charities for the disabled, but none specifically for the able-bodied.

The idea that the English might not actually need a charity to support us as an ethnic group, because we do not face as much prejudice as the minority groups, does not appear to have entered these people's heads. Nor, indeed, has the related question of how many English people actually want these "English Community Groups" to represent them. Given that the Steadfast Trust has resorted to aligning itself with a bizarre cult of Hitler-worshippers, I'd wager that the charity has given up on appealing to the mainstream public.

Notice, also, Darren Clarke's snide comment about "fairies at the bottom of the garden" towards the bottom. Seems a bit rich coming from a man who claims to have seen gangs of orcs in Great Yarmouth.

So, what does the IECG hope to achieve? Well...

Here, the IECG posts about the Ipswich Hindu Samaj receiving a £10,000 grant. Because there are 60 times as many English people as there are Indians in Ipswich, then - so the IECG argument goes - a grant sixty times as large should be given to benefit English people in the city, otherwise the English are "surely being discriminated against". It does not specify exactly who will receive this £600,000 grant, so we are left to assume that the Ipswich English Community Group will be the one cashing this hefty cheque.

Alas, the IECG is being just a tiny bit selective with the facts here. It refers to the Ipswich Hindu Samaj as the "Ipswich Indian community group", clearly trying to imply that the two groups have equivalent aims. However, as its real name suggests, the Hindu Samaj is a religious-based charity, not an ethnicity-based one. "Ipswich Indian community group" turns up no hits on Google, so it would appear to be a name invented by the Ipswich English Community Group.

The IECG quotes the Hindu Samaj as being registered to serve "people of a particular ethnic or racial origin". This is true, but what the IECG neglect to mention is the full context behind this statement:
The Ipswich Hindu Samaj provides services to:
  • Elderly/old people
  • Children/young people
  • People of a particular ethnic or racial origin
  • The general public/mankind
  • Other charities or voluntary bodies
  • People with disabilities
The IECG is trying to paint the Hindu Samaj as an ethnicity-specific organisation - but based on this information, the Hindu Samaj could just as easily be painted as a charity specifically for the disabled, for children, for the elderly, or for mankind as a whole.

I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I notice that a number of charities are registered to benefit "people of a particular ethnic or racial origin" without actually being ethnicity-specific. These include Shetland Women's Aid, Cambridge United Youth and Community Trust, Reflection Path, the Platelet Charity and the Pennygate Foundation. In short, the IECG is using some twisted data in what seems to be an attempt to bag itself over half a million pounds.

According to the IECG, the main aim of the Hindu Samaj is to establish a place of worship for Hindus. If the Ipswich English Community Group truly aims to be an equivalent group for English people, then presumably its main aim will be to establish Anglican churches throughout Ipswich. However, considering its ties to the heavily anti-Christian Anglo-Saxon Foundation, I doubt that it has this plan in mind...

The group considers Folk Against Fascism to be racist:

The Ipswich ECG applied for membership of the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality, but was rejected:

I, too, would be interested to hear the exact criteria for membership of the ISCRE, but at the same time I can't say I'm surprised that the Ipswich English Community Group was rejected. Its most prominent members belong to a racist Internet forum run by a man who thinks that Jews should be deported from England, after all.

The main members of the Leicester ECG - Lee Ingram, Gary Thompson and Paul Brant - took a break from ranting about chemtrails to offer their thoughts on the matter:

Searching around the IECG Facebook page, we find this:

What a surprise. The group's foundation text is Tony Linsell's An English Nationalism, a book which claims that English people are descended from the Aesir and Vanir. As I've asked before in relation to similar groups - is the Ipswich English Community Group really representing the views and wishes of ordinary English people, or is it simply representing the views and wishes of Tony Linsell?

To its credit, the Steadfast Trust is making an effort to rein in the undesirable elements of its ECG satellites by issuing a set of guidelines which must be followed to win the official Steadfast Trust Seal of Approval:

It's the T rune again. Perhaps in this context it stands for "trust"?

These guidelines forbid rudeness and swearing, which I guess will do away with the Essex ECG's ramblings about "wogs", and ECGs will no longer be allowed to support or condemn a particular political party. So, looks as though the Leicester ECG won't be dressing up as Labour Zombies again next Halloween:

The guidelines also state that ECG leaders "must meet on a minimum bi-monthly basis, with an annual review listing activities and achievements. These should be published on their website." Should be fun seeing the Ipswich ECG's annual reviews of activities and achievements getting shorter and shorter as time goes on...

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Essex English Community Group - another bunch of bigots

 The Essex English Community Group holds a meeting

I've been meaning to make a post about the Essex English Community Group for a while now. This was one of the organisations set up in response to the Steadfast Trust's call for a network of groups that will save us English people from the crushing bigotry we all face as a result of being, er, the ethnic majority of England. Poor us.

But now that I've sat down to write the post, I find that the group appears to have vanished. Its main page has vanished from Facebook, and its alt account has been renamed "Saxon Blood" with no mention of it ever having represented an organisation.

Fortunately, I bagged a few screengrabs of the group's bigoted ramblings while it was around. After swiping a few more from RationalWiki - currently the only website to go into any detail about the EECG - I think I've got enough to be going on with...

To the Essex English Community Group, black people are "wogs":

East Asians are "the yellow peril":

Non-white people in general are "orcs":

Mixed-race children have amusing names (notice that this was liked by someone calling himself "Ragnar Wodensson", who is presumably oblivious to the irony)

Homosexuals are "men who stick their todgers up each others arses" and so cannot complain about homophobia:

Shortly after the group was set up, it was attacked by someone called Maya:

The incident allowed the EECG to indulge in a spot of male chauvinism:

Note that Paul Pitt and Mark Pringle, who took part in the above debate, have each achieved a degree of infamy elsewhere. These people are not the only eyebrow-raising members of the Essex English Community Group, however...

  Jim Morgan: the biggest bigot in the EECG?

From this screengrab, we can see that one of the group's active members was a chap named Jim Morgan:

Jim Morgan later changed his name on Facebook to "Albion Angelcynn", as demonstrated by this later screencap of the discussion in the upper-right of the above image:

At the time of writing, he is using both names at the same time:

This screengrab of his Facebook photo album should give you a general idea of Morgan's political leanings:

Any doubt that Morgan is a Nazi sympathiser should be put to rest by this image:

 It goes on:

Morgan seems remarkably fond of the above image, as he has posted it at least three times:

Morgan and the Essex ECG share a fondness for firearms:

He is apparently preparing for a race war:

It comes as little surprise to find that Jim Morgan is a supporter of Anders Breivik, and considers those who would condemn Breivik's massacre to be mere "UAF paedos" (does UAF even exist in Norway?):

Morgan's fondness for violence against the defenceless is more than mere talk, as he has admitted to driving his car at a pregnant Roma woman in London:

So, where is all this leading? Well, just like the similarly racist Northants English Welfare Society, the Essex English Community Group was given the thumbs-up by the Steadfast Trust, which listed it as one of the organisations "which can benefit from help in the form of financial grants and advice / assistance from the Steadfast Trust":

Note that the above post was made in October 2014. The EECG had been active on Facebook since December 2012, so the Steadfast Trust must surely have known that it was a racist organisation which was willing to act as a happy home to neo-Nazi terrorist wannabes such as Jim Morgan.

Thus, we are faced with two options:

1) The Steadfast Trust simply does not care how racist its satellite organisations are, so long as they share its ethnic English nationalist agenda; or
2) The Steadfast Trust, registered charity no. 105806, is making an active effort to promote white supremacist groups.

Which is it, Steadfast?

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Anglo-Saxon Foundation: history of a racist forum

A typical posting from the Anglo-Saxon Foundation.

I've written a number of posts in the past about the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, a forum which can be summed up as England's Stormfront. Since it's become a pet subject of this blog, I've decided to put together a post with a comprehensive history of the forum and its key membership. This post will be a bit on the bloated side, but will hopefully come in handy as a reference point.

The history of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation appears to go back to an innocuous-seeming website called Saxon North. No longer active, Saxon North can be accessed via, and we can see that it was once a straightforward website dedicated to professional graphic design. It even had a forum which was, likewise, focused on the technicality of web design. Later on the site's designs began focusing on the artwork of Anglo-Saxon England, which is a little odd for a graphic design company but not in itself suspicious.

Somewhere along the line, however, Saxon North began showing a nationalist streak. This version of the website identified itself as part of the "Saxon North Network", a cluster of sites that also included and the Anglo-Saxon Foundation:

Saxon North and the Anglo-Saxon Foundation later merged:

Here is an announcement of the merger made by the owner of Saxon North. It is notable mainly for the fact that he signs his name Jamie:

The Anglo-Saxon Foundation and the (now defunct) Saxon North website were obviously close-knit, but just how close? Well, consider this discussion, which reveals that the ASF's admin "Seaxan" once used the account name "SN Admin":

Would that be "SN" for Saxon North, perhaps? Could it be that Seaxan and Jamie are the same person?

I do not know for sure. I should also mention that names have come and gone, with the Saxon North Network rebranding itself first United English Patriots and then Englisc Gateway. But one thing has remained constant: the man in charge of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation is a bigoted looney.

Let's start with this contribution he made to a conversation about the treatment of England's Jews:

For those unaware of the reference, "Longshanks" is Edward I, who tried to expel all Jews from England.

Lest anybody think that I have misinterpreted Seaxan's post, here is a comment he made in response to a video about some nutty white pride protest being removed from YouTube:

This is not the only time Seaxan has blustered about "JewTube":

This last post comes from a discussion about a clip from Family Guy that was doctored to make it look as though it predicted the Boston marathon bombings - you can read more about the subject here. Not only does Seaxan apparently believe that the people behind the Family Guy cartoon were involved with the bombing, he has managed to frame it as some sort of Jewish conspiracy.

And from YouTube to Twitter:

So, we have established that the man who runs the Anglo-Saxon Foundation is a rabid anti-Semite. But what of the other members of influence? Well...

This is an image showing a list of the forum's moderators (described as "witan", an Old English word for leader), taken around April 2013 - I will explain why I did not use a more recent image later.

Of the names listed here, "admin" appears to be an technical account rather than an actual member, while Anglo, Fox Spirit and Rob A had been inactive for some time even back when the image was taken (their last posts were in August 2011, August 2012 and November 2011 respectively). So, if we discount these people, then we are left with eight active moderators: Alda, Andy, Badger, Forstig, Guthlac, Penda, Scyld Scefing, Seaxan and Woden's Child.

So who are these people? Let's start with Andy. Here we have his curious interpretation of the film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:

Let us move on to Badger. Here's what he has to say about issues pertaining to race and sexuality:

Up next is Forstig. Here is his sensitive and compassionate response to the Japanese earthquake of 2011:

Next, we have Penda:

For context, this was posted as part of a thread about a gay pride parade in Tbilisi being attacked, an incident which the topic starter Thodolfr referred to as a "Fag Bash". Penda has nothing to say one way or the other about this atrocity; he's too busy being offended by homosexuality and feminism.

Incidentally, Penda is the owner of a now-defunct blog called England Reborn. A Whois lookup shows that the latest incarnation of the site was registered by Neil Hodgkiss - could this be Penda?

Mark Taylor, alias Scyld Scefing.

The next member of the "witan" is Scyld Scefing, whom I touched upon here. Scyld is known in real life as Mark Taylor, owner of the website and events organiser of the Steadfast Trust.

Mark "Scyld" Taylor outlines his work with the Steadfast Trust

RationalWiki has an article on Scyld/Taylor which reveals that he once owned a racist YouTube account under the name Seaxwielder:

Seaxwielder's YouTube profile; notice the link to Taylor's Wyrdart site.

Seaxwielder identifying himself as an artist (like Mark Taylor) and a Steadfast Trust activist (like Mark Taylor) and using the odd term "Britstate" (like Mark Taylor)

Seaxwielder signing his name "Scyld"

Here are some examples of racism (and general daftness) from Seaxwielder/Taylor:

Finally, we have Woden's Child. I have already written about how this man endorsed the bullying of Malorie Blackman after her views on race were misrepresented by Sky News.

Here he is merrily chortling along with someone claiming that Vlad the Impaler was the most honourable person in Romanian history because he killed Turks:

In case you are wondering what kicked off this anti-Romanian bigotry, it was a hoax story on Joshua Bonehill's notorious troll blog the Daily Bale claiming - without a scrap of evidence - that a Transylvanian-run shop in Poole had placed a notice in its window banning English customers. Like pretty much everything else on Bonehill's blog this was a complete lie (what else can you expect from a site that reported on a white man hurt in a "racist cat attack"?) but Woden's Child was simply too gullible to see through Bonehill's hoax. Woden's Chump, more like.

The shop targeted by Joshua Bonehill's hoax. Woden's Child correctly points out how odd it would be for a shop with English signage to ban English customers - but this apparently hasn't caused him to doubt the story.

As we can see, with the possible exceptions of Alda and Guthlac, the "witan" was a hive of bigotry.

Like I stated before, the screengrab showing the list of forum "witan" was taken in 2013. The reason I did not use a more recent image is that, not long afterwards, Seaxan decided to abolish the moderating team as too many of its members were inactive:

Notice how he states that "Englisc Gateway is not, and never will be a Nazi site", but rather a forum "for open discussion." Why does he feel the need to make this reassurance? We will find out soon enough...

Above, one member lists some of the people who have left, including the aforementioned Alda and Guthlac. Next, member Dave speculates as to why they left:

It would appear that they departed the forum because certain topics were making them uncomfortable. But what topics could those be…?

Teutoburg Weald comes back with an answer:

They left because they objected to discussion of "the Zionist view, and Hitler" apparently.

A later discussion elaborates further. A member calling himself Bane of Dumnonia argues that only a fraction of posts at the forum were about "Jews/Zionists or anything linked to Hitler"; when another member points out that there was an upsurge of such posts in recent months, Bane of Dumnonia admits to being largely responsible for this:

Go to FSTDT to see some examples of Bane of Dumnonia's rabid anti-Semitism.

So, I think we have our answer. The "witan" members left because the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, while always riddled with racists, had opened the doors to outright Nazis.

I have already demonstrated how bigoted the forum's moderation team was circa late 2013. The above discussion demonstrates that the forum subsequently became too bigoted even for them.

Meanwhile, the Anglo-Saxon Foundation continues to allow colossal racists into its corridors of power. Take this posting from the forum's official Facebook page:

"TW" is clearly Clive Calladine, the member known on the forum as Teutoburg Weald (his writing style somewhat gives it away). The fact that he is posting from the official Facebook page indicates that he is one of its admins.

I have already written at length about Calladine's noxious views; for just one more example, here is his comment on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson:

The Anglo-Saxon Foundation is truly the Stormfront of England.