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"The historian Clive Calladine"

From the links page of Wyrdart, a website belonging to nationalist painter Mark Taylor:

There is certainly some material on the Engla Tocyme site that will raise eyebrows - in particular, the page in which the historian Clive Calladine admits to believing in fairies:
"These vast dark forests harboured creatures that to our early Heathen Englisc ancestors were frightening enough, as in such nature spirits as 'Shadow Walkers'*, 'Elven Folk', 'Dwarves' among other better known natural creatures or spirits like Wolves, wild Boar, Deer and the like.
 But these nature spirits were nothing to what lurked in the swamps and marshes. Here were nature spirits who were more terrifying, here roamed the nature spirits from the darker corners of the natural and spirit worlds, like the 'Ogres', 'Hobgoblins', 'Trolls', and such monsters like Grendel and his terrible mother of whom heroes like Beowulf fought, and the devils that St Guthlac resisted in Crowland.
To some folk of our more modern, sophisticated and more materialistic world that we live in, the belief in such spiritual nature creatures might seem childish and silly, but to both our ancestors and to many folk these days who have turned to the more spiritual and natural faith of our early Germanic and Nordic ancestors, these natural spirit creatures are still with us"
It turns out that the owner of the website, the historian Clive Calladine, posts at the Anglo-Saxon Foundation forum under the name "Teutoburg Weald". Here is the thread in which he first unveiled his site:

(Incidentally, the claim in his signature that Leon Trotsky coined the term "racism" is not actually true - see here and here. But hey, we can't expect the historian Clive Calladine to bother doing any research, now, can we?)

In case anybody wants to know more about his religious views, he discusses them in depth here:

'As for why our later ancestors converted was by thieving, our own native beliefs and celebrations, lies, and the obvious threat of violence, and fire and brimstone, a mix of all those things, plus the use of the All-Father Woden, as the image of their God, all seeing, wisdom and power, otherwise, they wouldn't have a God.. Also the use of their term..............."In my Father's House there are many Mansions."

Which looking at it was stolen from the Heathen view of Asgurd and the upper and lower realms, where every God as his/her own Hall, at least this is my view, what ever it took to convert our Forefather's, the wondering Monks used it, to Convert our People, much as Islam has and is trying to do, the Desert Religions are much like leaches, latching onto a Tribe and bleeding it dry of all that is good and true...

As for the above view that Elves and such creatures are simply stories, you've never heard of Nature Spirits then? Everything of Nature, is alive, and as such has its Spirit, its guardians, that protect the life force of what ever Natural creature and thing it might be, even Rocks, Stones, Rivers, streams and such natural things vibrate on their own spiritual levels, and as such Nature Spirits, Elves and such live in these places and objects of Nature..

What might be in the Jewish History and story book otherwise known as the Bible, may be fictional Myths or legends, but the idea of Nature Spirits being such, is untrue, take a good close look at Nature around you next time your out, and listen, it is alive it breaths, it vibrates on its own level of Spirituality, only man made modern brick and tower blocks are dead, a City is teaming with life, but its Spiritually Dead....

Would you say for instance all the treasures of the Germanic/Norse Sagas are Fictional Stories? Myths, Legends are simply Kids stories? No smoke without fire..'

Where do we begin? While he is right that European Christianity often built upon a pagan base, the notion that the New Testament is in any way influenced by Odinism is patently absurd. It is also worth mentioning that surviving Norse myths were transcribed by Christian writers and so show a Christian influence - the "pure", pre-Christian Germanic faith that Calladine so clearly wants to follow simply does not exist anymore.

And to top it off, he reaffirms his belief in fairies. The argument made by the historian Clive Calladine is that, because there are stories about elves, then elves must be real.

Calladine apparently thinks that this is a documentary.

Curiously, however, although it doesn't take much to convince Calladine of the existence of fairies, he doubts that the moon landings ever took place. His reasoning? "I wouldn't trust what any establishment political or otherwise said, they've never been able to tell the truth in anything, Landing on the Moon? Prove it, pictures on TV? isn't Proof"

Calladine has identified four significant groups that want to destroy England: Zionists, Muslims, liberals, and members of the Fabian society.

"I've said as much on that other thread, arguing over Zionists, Liberals, Muslamics, Fabians, this that and the other is not going anywhere, because they are all in it together, none of em are separate, they are all singing from the same fucking song sheet, so whats the big issue??


Its not all Zionists its not all Muslims, its not all Fabians, its not all Marxists, its a fucking mix of all of em, they've all got it in for England, we know that, and its that that is important......

There are some on here who have got a thing about Zionists, what that thing is i'm not sure, its getting to be a Fetish it really is, some have Islam on the brain, some Marxism, it is all one, not separate, it is all under one banner the NWO, so lets get over it, we know who they are, so we know who we are up against........."

Indeed, he seems to have a rather curious preoccupation with Fabians. While ranting about how much he hates Wiccans, he claims that "It is the likes of them that are Fabians, Masons, Neo-Nazi-Liebour, the New Tories, the Lineral Internationalists who despise their own People".

Somewhere down the line, he apparently decided that Jews are the biggest threat of all:

"Exactly, when people are forced into living in fear of prosecution for speaking out for so long, sooner or later that fear turns to hate, anger and frustration, that builds gradually until it needs an out let, with no out let, it blows up, when that happens, you get bloodshed and war it has no option because it is given no voice, no hope of being heard or heeded, so it has no other way but to turn into violence, bloodshed and..............................!

That is the out come to this mess, only now we know who is at the center of all this, and they haven't done themselves any good at all, they will pay, for this act of aggression against the White Peoples of this World!!

The JEW!"

I'm not sure what the "act of violence" mentioned by Calladine is. In the original thread, he appears to be referring to the removal of a video about some dopey white nationalists from YouTube (which the forum's owner Seaxen refers to as "JewTube").

Of course, Calladine is hardly in a position to complain about "acts of violence" when we consider that he has expressed support for the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik:

"I love this, a white Northman, and a Nationalist, blows a place up, killing and wounding a few Asians, and kills a few more, and the so-called Libral Democratic Rule of Law is out-raged and indignant, and their Media Mouth Pecies all over the EU SUPPER STATE, from Poland to Britain, is screaming 'Far-Right' mudering out-rage, 'Far-Right' scum...

And now, we are supposed to go to ground, and keep our heads down, and act sheepish, right, we are supposed to get all worried and frightened, and keep shtum until all this Media 'Mountain Out of a Mole Hill' has died down, right??

What are we?

So what do we do now??

Start tip-toeing around, start patting Darky on the head, and tell them they are oh so wonderful??

This act of violence ain't nothing, you wait till the real shit kicks off, what are we going to do then??

Distinguish between their males and females? Distinguish between their young and old?? Do you realy believe, that, they our Invading enemy, will do the some with us?? Do you seriously believe they will distinguish between our males and females, our young and old??

Well?? Do you seriously believe they'll have the sensibilities to go by your rules, and completely leave any killing of female and young and old out of battle?

Come on, think about it, they do all the same things, that the Northman has, yet nothing is said, there is little or no Out-rage, or Indignation, and the State Media, is conspicuious in its silence... Yet a white man does the same, and kills Asians, and all hell brakes lose!!

Wake up everyone, we are already at War, let us not fight by any Rules that our Enemies ain't fighting by, unless of course, you are into being a slave rather than fighting em??

It matters little how many Librals, Asians or any other of our enemies die, War is War,and we didn't Start it!!"

"But, this Nordic Hero, killed many son's and daughters of Islam and Orc's, casualties in an ever growing Race War that will sooner or later see the lid blow off in bloodshed never witnessed before, and on a scale never heard of...

Those of you who do not condone what he has done may not like my views, that is your right, but this is a reality check, what he did is apart of a growing Race War that will one day engulf the World in blood.........That can not be blamed on this man, but on those that brought all of this into being, and creating Race Hate, that they profess to despise, and pushing the white man into a choice that he would not ordinarily make unless he had no other course to take..

What he did, was an act of War, against a clear and present invasion protected by home grown quislings and other assorted scum traitors....So i can say that i can condone what he did, but not his targets..........If you really want to hurt the enemy, you go for the protectors of that enemy, the establishment that protects the invasion..........."

So, the historian Clive Calladine believes that all Asians who are legally emigrating into the country constitute an "invading force" and should be killed before they start murdering English children.

By "orcs", he means ethnic minorities; this unusual turn of phrase is one of his many quirks as a writer. I'm not entirely sure why he believes that Breivik's victims were Asian Muslims, given that most of them were white - not that this would make a difference to any decent human being.

He has also expressed a desire to see an all-out, world-wide race war:

"As for Civil distubances, or Civil War, or Race War, yes, i believe something like that, is coming, and i believe it will begin in England first, and it will be bloody, and distructive, but i also believe that we the Englafolc will come out of it free, and for wiser for it..


i believe it will begin in England, and we must be ready for it, for we will be lost completely if we lose it, but i believe we won't lose it, i think it will be more of a race war, since the White Race's will be fighting for their very survival...

As far as the end of the world and all that Hollywood thing, well, the Earth Mother may take a hand, i don't know, you see the Earth has gone through so many changes in her history, this will will only be one of many, but i doubt if it will be the end of the world all together, just the end of the presant set up, therefore the end of the Global New World Order, and back to living with Nature, instead of against her, and back to being Normal Indevidual Folk-nations, independent of each other, and no more Globalist Agenders..

As far as all of us dying, no i doubt it, the Human race hasn't finished his evolution yet, not by a long way, so no, not all of us, although, there will be millions killed, which will bring down the Human numbers.. [thumb-up]

But that is only if it takes place at all that is, we shall only have to wait and see..

But i believe Race War is coming, yes most certainly, and with in the next three years or so, and i believe it will begin in England, why England?

Well since i believe the English, have been pushed into a corner long enough, and we will come out fighting like savages sooner or later, yes i mean like savages, like wild animals, for we must prove ourselves far more terrable and visious than any of those facing us, just like our Forefather's were like, and i still believe we have it in us to be like our ancesors, its not been bread out of us, its still there, we only show it when we are push into a corner and that time is coming.."

Notice how he uses a "thumbs-up" smiley to illustrate the idea of the world's population being significantly reduced through warfare.

But how much use would the historian Clive Calladine actually be in this race war? Well...

While reading up on the history of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, I came across this screenshot of the forum from September 2008. Notice the post at the bottom from Calladine, who was calling himself "Harold Godwinsson" rather than "Teutoburg Weald" at the time:

"Well Gent's i'm 48 today, two away from 50!"

Bearing in mind that this is a post from 2008, Clive Calladine is in his smegging fifties now. He's well past his prime and not getting any younger.

If World War III actually began, then this rheumatic geezer wouldn't last a day on the frontlines. Maybe he intends to take a more backseat role, but then, what soldier would feel comfortable taking orders from a man who believes in fairies?

I'd also like to draw attention to the fact that Calladine's birthday is at the end of September.

In early October 2010, as part of a Battle of Hastings event, the supposedly non-racist Steadfast Trust celebrated the birthday of a supporter named Clive who had turned 50 at around that time:

"Birthday congratulations were also given to Clive who celebrated his 50th birthday and has been a long time supporter of the charity, he was presented with a number of gifts from well-wishes that included a copy of the recently published ‘Wayland's Work: Anglo-Saxon Art, Myth & Material Culture from the 4th to the 7th Century’."

Just sayin'.

Those of us who are up on our English history will know a thing or two about the Whigs - but I don't think any of us viewed them quite the same way as the historian Clive Calladine does:

"Whig, in its original meaning is 'Liberal' the Ancestor of the 'Lib/Dumbs' is the old 'Whig Party' Liberal's, Anti-Nation, Anti-English, and Anti-Freedom, The Reality of the Liberal, is the reasoning for the introduction of the Nanny State, the creation of everything we are seeing now, in truth, your Liberal is a Globalist, no borders, no Nations and no Individual Ethnic Identity's, Like Socialists, Marxists and other Totaliterians, they believe in one world order, one race, the Human Race, heard of 'Being Human Kind' its the Liberals, the creation of the noise called 'Indi' music, is Globalist, a mix of the World's different music all mixed together as a 'Globalist Music Culture'…. 
Whig is not one individual but several, or one with several identities…..
Who is Whig? Whig is all of the above…
Or I could be talking total Shit?? But hay, we can't all be perfect can we…."

Short answer: yes, Clive, you are talking shit.

You may have noticed a recurring and bizarre contempt for cities in Calladine's posts. We have already seen him describe cities as being "spiritually dead", and in another post he asks "Who the fuck needs the Cities anyway? I certainly don't, i hate cities, i'd rather be in the hills than in the city, let the Orc's have em for all the fucking use they are".

In a thread entitled "Detroit must be destroyed", he apparently advocates the wholesale destruction of all cities in the world:

"Now we are getting somewhere...................wipe out the cities, flatten em, level em out, and let nature have em back...return to the land, and nature, forget the cities, their time is coming to an end........."
Perhaps he expects to see all of his little pixie friends coming out to frolic amongst the rubble, or something.

It should come as no surprise that Calladine has little love for gay people:

"It was against the law once in this Country, and it should be again, they are Minority, and should go by the voice of the Majority and not the other way around as it is today, Minority Rule..

These degenerates are abnormal, not normal, they keep their degenerate desires to themselves, or they pay the price, there is such a thing as Self Discipline, not succumbing to your emotions, and base lust...

I'm no Liberal, never have been, and I don't agree with giving these Human abnormal Degenerates any soap box to spread their abnormal degenerate bile!!

They keep themselves to themselves, they stay where they belong in the shadows along side all other Degenerates, such as Transgenderists, Pedo's and other natural mistakes..

Sorry my views don't tally with the modern view of the Liberal idea of what should be, I've seen enough of this modern Liberal World to know it Stinks, its decadent and ripe for destruction, so what's left of the Normal Natural Human can begin again."

Can you see the elephant in the room here, kiddies?
Yes, that's right: Calladine is arguing that minority groups should not have power, even though - as a Woden-worshipper - he is himself a member of a minority group.

Another member of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, Bane of Dumnonia (a fellow anti-Semite and Breivik supporter) liked one of Calladine's semi-coherent statements enough to add it to his signature:

"The BBC are Minority based, and the Pathetic Welsh are a Minority like the Sweaties, and the Mick's, so the BBC will arse lick em, they are also anti-Englisc, so the BBC will arse lick em even more... In short, the BBC are nothing but a fawning bunch of Ethnic Minority Arse Hole loving Liberal/Lefty Bed Wetting Twats of no real worth..."

Again, he appears to be blissfully unaware of being a minority himself. If the historian Clive Calladine is so determined to be a member of the majority, then he'll have to chuck his Mjolnir bling in the rubbish and convert to Christianity.

Somehow, however, I doubt that he will. Looks safe to say that Clive will spend the rest of his days subscribing to a bizarre fringe belief system while still presenting himself as a typical Englishman.

Incidentally, note his usage of the word "pathetic". This is a remarkably common phrase at the ASF, the people using it being apparently unaware that it makes them sound like cheesy cartoon supervillains.

"Pathetic mortals! Your powers cannot compare with my ability to make vague threats on the Internet."

Here's what Calladine had to say following the death of Nelson Mandela:

"Are you defending the Black son of a Whore??

Those White South African's built South Africa, the Black Natives didn't, besides those Whites of Germanic Heritage have been there for generations, I suppose you might as well say that we Englisc should go back to our Ancestors Homelands, Anglen, Saxony, Denmark, and so on, I bet the Waelasc would love that..... Besides, what's Racism?? a nothing term invented by the Liberal/Left or by their Jewish masters, to beat the White Nations with, of course, it doesn't apply to the Shit Coloured Races dose it, they can't be racist can they, like the Jews can't be racist either, after all, they are the chosen people of the Christian God, right....

So if the Boers have to leave South Africa and return to their Nations of origin then that counts for us as well, and the Americans of English origin, and Canadians, Australians and so on, once you start that, where you going to end??"

Even better is this reply from one of the other forum members, TJLowery87:

"In my own opinion i think the white south africans should kick the negros out.period.Europeans came to america and made it theres.germanic people went to england and made it theres.europeans went to south africa and for a time it was theres.but all these people i mentioned can loose there lands if there not careful just like the indians,welsh ,etc did.

im rooting for the south africans........hell with mendala

i ment white south africans"

Even leaving aside the moral objections to this plan, he is apparently blind to the obvious practical objections. Does Lowery really believe that South Africa's 8.9% white population is actually capable of removing the 79.2% black population?

I get that these people are white supremacists, but Lowery seems to think that white people have superpowers.

Returning to Calladine, here are his thoughts on gender issues:

'First of all, this is for the females.....who might be thinking what the other is thinking: "Never be to disturbed about what a woman is thinking. They don't do it very often!!"

Now back to normality. There are a number of females on here, some who haven't posted for a good long time, some who only post every now and again, my missus is one of them... There two who are Witan members, Alda and EDH, both don't post very often any more, both have other things to do.. Now back to my Missus, she supports me in my desire for a free and independent Democratic England, but she doesn't get involved since she doesn't quiet understand any or some of what is going on, no disrespect to her, but her main thought line are, gossip, the grand kids, soaps and playing games on her lap top, but i love her..

As i said in my above post, Females ain't as Territorial as men are, if at all, no offence toward the females, but even they must admit such truth, that is usually left to the male population, although it wasn't in pre-conquest England, if it came to the crunch women would join the men and both sexes would fight side by side, but since the conquest that was changed, with all this Ladies, weaker sex and Damsels in distress crap..

Men and women are not seperate we are simply to halves of the human race, in Old Englisc there was no word for woman, both sexes were as one, in the word 'MANN'...

There was no battle of the Sexes, another invention by the Liberals and Feminists, no women's Lib. both sexes in pre-Conquest England Stood together, worked together, fought together and if it came to it Died together, that is how it should be now, we don't need the ideas and views and inventions of the Liberal-Lovvie/Left clouding the issue, we are all of one Tribe, the Englisc Tribe, we are Nationalists, not Lefties, we are Strong and tough because we are Nationalists, the Lefties and Feminists are weak, sensitive, big girls blouses, we are better than them because we follow the Natural ways, the Natural Law, the Strong Survive, the Weak go to the Wall, the Lefties are Weak so they go to the wall...'

 While Calladine is quite probably right that his wife "doesn't quiet understand any or some of what is going on", this is less to do with her gender and more to do with the fact that anybody who'd willingly spend their entire life with him must be a bit soft in the head.

There is also a Facebook page operating under the name "Harold Godwinsson", Calladine's previous pseudonym at the Anglo-Saxon Foundation. It is clearly the same person: Calladine's distinctive writing style rather gives it away.

In this post, the historian Clive Calladine claims that we should have been on the side of the Germans during World War II and fought against "the Jew":

"The fact is, our Folk were lied to, and died for the wrong cause, the cause they fought for, was the lie that the Jew was innocent and mistreated, that Germany was evil and had to be destroyed, that is the real lie, and the sadness of our grand-father's and others who fought and died for that Lie..........So in reality, our Father's died for nothing, they were lied to, as we have been lied to, but that realization can be put right, in the fight that's surly coming, we'll no what we are and will be fighting for, this time it will be for the right cause!"

Considering his religious views, these comments about going to war because of a lie are a little ironic. Has it ever occurred to him that perhaps Valhalla is merely a very old lie, cooked up by some ancient elite so that people would feel better about going off to get hacked to bits on the battlefield?

As you will have noticed if you've checked any of the links I've posted here, Calladine has frequently been quoted at Fundies Say the Darnedest Things (as both "Teutoburg Weald" and "Harold Godwinsson").

When he found out about this, the comments section for one of the quotes was filled up with various posters using names such as "Englisc 1", "EngliscKnuckleDragger" and "Wikiwanker". Although some of these members may have been his friends from the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, it becomes obvious simply from comparing the writing styles that most of them are Calladine using different pseudonyms. The fact that he thought he could fool anybody without even bothering to modify his typing patterns shows a considerable degree of naivety.

'To Frank,I can assure you we are all different users on this shit forum for soap dodgers,and thats what you cant stand isnt it frankie boy,you and your slimey friends all four of em know that we grow stronger as each day passes you know that dont you frankie boy and it scares you doesnt it frankie boy,do you still wet the bed poor frankie ,it wont be long before you start,I can hear you "wheres my mummy"'

This is not the first time I've quoted Calladine mentioning bed-wetting. I'm starting to wonder if the man has an issue in that department.

Perhaps the last word on the historian Clive Calladine should go to this FSTDT posting, from a commentator who identified themselves simply as "a researcher":

'Here we have a test subject which has often been discussed on FSTDT. Referring to itself as "Teutoburg Weald", it has achieved a degree of self-awareness, but cannot be accurately described as human.

It is unclear exactly where the specimen originates; official documents identify it as "Clive Calladine", but - assuming that Mr. and Mrs Calladine belong to the species Homo Sapiens - it seems unlikely that they would have been able to give birth to this subhuman lifeform. Most likely the Clive Calladine specimen was originally purchased as a pet, or possibly created in a laboratory.

Although it frequently makes use of text-based communication over the Internet, one look at the postings made by Clive Calladine will make it perfectly clear that the specimen does not have anything approaching human intelligence. It is capable only of repeating in crude form sentiments that are expressed by its peers.

While it has been sighted on other parts of the Internet, it confines most of its activity to an obscure forum called the Anglo-Saxon Foundation. This is one of the few communities which would accept the subhuman lifeform, as most of the other members appear to be of a seriously subnormal intellect; it is possible that some of these posters belong to the same species as Clive Calladine. Research in this area is continuing.

In the post above, the specimen has provided a largely meaningless collection of words which occasionally form a coherent thought. We can see that it is trying to grasp the concept of racial prejudice, and ultimately makes two entirely contradictory conclusions: one, that racial prejudice does not exist; and two, that white people are faced with racial prejudice. The fact that the specimen does not see this contradiction is further evidence of its subhuman intelligence. Bear in mind that, as noted above, the specimen is capable only of repeating statements made by the other members of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation; it will have seen the other posters make these two arguments and so is attempting to parrot them itself, without realising that they cannot both be correct.

Regrettably, the specimen known as Clive Calladine is treated as a human being by the government of the United Kingdom, and even owns a home in Nottingham. Reportedly, it is married; whether or not the spouse is human is unclear, but this seems unlikely as it is hard to imagine why a human being of either sex would wish to marry this subhuman entity.

We are currently engaged in pressing the government to reconsider the legal status of Clive Calladine. Hopefully, the specimen will be stripped of its clearly erroneous status as a human being and instead be classified as an animal, or possibly some form of vegetable. This will allow it to be transported to our laboratory where further research can be conducted.

Once the research has been completed, we fully expect Clive Calladine to be transported to a zoo, where it will serve an educational purpose to visiting children.'

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