Monday, 29 June 2015

Traitor trash, invader or coloniser? Some nutter on my "crimes against the English"

I noticed that my blog was mentioned in this thread at the Green Arrow's forum, where a member calling himself "Gamlegorm the White" asks whether I am "traitor trash, invader or colonizer?" This because I am "hounding English patriots" and therefore, in his eyes, "an enemy of the English and supporter of the genocide of the English". He then expresses hope that I will "stand trial for [my] crimes against the English":

The discussion, which was started by Gamlegorm, was on the subject of "white/British/English welfare societies". Apparently Gamlegorn took exception to my posts on the Leicester English Community Group, the Ipswich English Community Group, and the Northants English Welfare Society (NEWS).

In fact, Gamlegorm mentions this last group right at the start of the thread, where he talks about the number of hits received by its site and Facebook on November 21 2014:

I can find no public post from this time where NEWS says anything about its web traffic, so it would appear that Gamlegorm has access to the group's private data. Which would imply, of course, that he is personally involved with NEWS.

Note the quotation in Gamlegorm's signature. I did a search on this line, and turned up a tiny handful of hits - all of them related to the Northants English Welfare Society or its frontman Walter Greenway. For example, we have this posting from the NEWS blog:

And this comment by Greenway on a Western Spring post:

It seems entirely likely that "Gamlegorm" is, in fact, NEWS frontman Walter Greenway. This impression is furthered by the wry amusement he shows when he notices my mention of Greenway:

Another poster, Pharmaphil, suggests that I am a "paid shill":

In fact, this blog may even be "a form of psyops":

Finally, Gamlegorm suggests the possibility of pressing charges against me for genocide:

Yeah,  good luck with that one, Gamlegorm.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

More on Labour25 - are gay Jewish communists after our children?

Cartoon posted on Labour25's website.

I wrote about the website Labour25 in an earlier post, where I demonstrated that - as well as using some decidedly shaky evidence to prove that the Labour Party is overrun by paedophiles - the site is dripping with bigotry towards minority groups, particularly Jews and gay people.

This latter element has turned out to be even stronger at Labour25's Facebook page. Reading through the page is like listening to a Tourette's sufferer whose verbal tics are the words "Jewish", "homosexual" and "Marxist".

Case in point:

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here, Labour25 feels the need to point out that Lord Brittan was Jewish - something which most people would say is irrelevant to the accusations that he was a child abuser. It also claims that David Cameron is Jewish, which is a surprisingly common belief in the far right; however, Labour25 goes one step further by making the bizarre statement that the Prime Minister practises kabbala, a branch of Jewish mysticism.

David Cameron is not the only one in on the occult, apparently, as Labour25 claims that Brittan was a "possible ritual child murderer":

What we have here is a very real concern - that the former Home Secretary may have abused children - being twisted into complete nonsense about occult rituals.

Another example of Labour25's distortion of the facts can be read here:

Notice that the title of the Mirror article is "Coalition minister drugged and abused me when I was 14". Labour 25 takes the liberty of altering this to "Jewish led Coalition minister drugged and abused me when I was 14".

According to Labour25, social ills such as paedophilia, homosexuality and radical feminism are partly the fault of a physician named Magnus Hirschfeld. The site does not fail to point out that Hirschfeld was Jewish:

One of the issues I raised in my previous post about Labour25 was how the site presents Labour as being uniquely paedophile-riddled, while largely ignoring paedophiles in other parties. Here, it attempts to counter this complaint:

In case you're having trouble deciphering this barely-coherent message, the argument boils down to "all the parties are as bad as each other, so therefore we're focusing on Labour." If you can find any logic there, you're doing better than me...

The above image conflates Zionism, Marxism and paedophilia. This touches upon Labour25's belief that "Jewish Marxist persons" are responsible for "Sexual Bolshevism":

Apparently, this Jewish Sexual Bolshevism takes the form of teenagers smooching on TV ("the Jews are having a ball"):

At this point, it should come as little surprise that Labour25's standards of research are basically non-existent. Just look at this posting:

The "news story" linked to here is a hoax, as Snopes demonstrates. The woman was never suspended, and the photos show her teaching an adult sex class, not "underage students". Almost every detail in the story is wrong: her name is not Mercer, and her class was not held in Florida. The notion that the teacher is a Marxist, meanwhile, appears to be Labour25's own addition to the hoax...

This is not the only time that Labour25 has been gullible enough to repeat an exposed hoax as fact:

In this instance, the story that Disney was making a carton about gay princes was originally intended as satire. Although we can't expect little things like that to trouble Labour25, which seems to have a strange hatred of the American filmmaking industry. Witness how it deems Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to be "evil Marxists":

Returning to the subject of fairy tales about gay princes, we have this:

The incident in question did actually happen this time, although once again Labour25 has managed its own twist. The teacher read the story to his class after he noticed one of the pupils being teased for his "gay" characteristics; he was intending simply to counter this bullying. Labour25 has responded by smearing the poor man as a paedophile, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

Finally, abortion is apparently part of a "Jewish genocidal agenda":

All of this adds up to an utterly disgraceful website. Labour25 has taken an issue which should concern us all - people abusing positions of power to molest children - and hijacked it to go on a bizarre crusade against homosexuals and Jews. Anybody who supports this den of bigotry should be ashamed of themselves.

I am still uncertain as to who is running Labour25, but I did happen across something interesting. As well as a Facebook page, the site has a separate Facebook group, run by someone called Paula Jones:

Paula, it turns out, is friends with noted white nationalist David Duke:

Unfortunately, I can find no further information on Ms Jones or her alliances.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Clive Potter, Wulf Ingessunu, Doctor Who and Robin Hood

Clive Potter

Clive Potter has a colourful history in the British far-right. As well as a brief spell in an obscure party called the National Democrats, and a period as chairman of the English Community Group Leicester, he was part of the BNP - a party that he later condemned as "multicultural":

As barmy as that is, it pales into comparison when we compare it to Potter's writing on his favourite subject: aliens.

Consider this article on his now-defunct website AlienIncarnation, in which his concerns about "deracination" mix with his belief in a race of alien lifeforms called "greys":
The predominant colour of the greys is highly indicative of the ‘greyness’ of humanity, as racial types begin to blend with one another so that racial types gradually disappear and submerge themselves into one common mass of deracinated and rootless cosmopolitan humanity. The aliens’ obsessive interest in genetics and hybrid babies also suggests that another agenda is at issue here, involving the racial engineering of mankind, again reflecting the direction that humanity is moving towards as globalism and multiracialism drives the motor. Are the greys showing us how we will progress and look like in the future? Are they showing us a choice as to how we wish to progress or regress? Why are the aliens so interested in our genetics and our breeding patterns? What is the future of mankind?
Potter seems to have vanished off the net since then. However, a few months ago a letter of his was published in issue 324 of the Fortean Times, in which he claims that an old Doctor Who storyline had eerie parallels with real-life events:

Here is Potter's conclusion:
Jenny Randles mooted the link between fiction and reality-which she termed 'psychic parallelism' - through synchronicity, when she recognised how Stephen Donaldson's fictional Chronicles of Thomas Covenant seemed to mirror the real-life accounts of the experiences and even some of the personalities involved in 'The Green Stone' Affair. It seems that at times the ocean of imagery within the collective unconsciousness can meld into one and appear instantaneously as both works of fiction and as real-life events.

Wulf Ingessunu, founder of Woden's Folk 

All this is reminiscent of Woden's Folk, the neo-Nazi cult founded by Wulf Ingessunu. As I demonstrated here, Wulf based his cult around an "ancient prophecy" which actually originated in the 1980s TV series Robin of Sherwood. After this was pointed out, Ingessunu admitted that it was created for a TV series, but argued that it was still a legitimate prophecy.

This is in character for Ingessunu, who has a tendency to find deep spiritual significance in 20th-century fiction. Just look at his analysis of The Lord of the Rings, for example.

Tying things together, Wulf Ingessunu is a fan of Clive Potter's bizarre alien theories:

I mentioned earlier that the typical UFO seems to defy the laws of this planet, and here we could be in the realms of some sort of object that moves between dimensions, moving quickly from one to the other and thus being able to defy normal laws. These type could be associated with the 'alien abductions' (a name which immediately throws doubt onto the subject) which seem to have taken two particular types - 
The Grey Alien - which seems to be a form of race-less, sexless, uniform type which fits well with the order of being today upon the Earth. This would seem to be a archetype of Nietzsche's 'Ultimate Man'. 
The Nordic - which seems to be trying to aid the upward development of mankind in some way, rather than mere 'experiments'. This would seem to be an archetype of the Sun-Man or Superman. 
(I am indebted to Clive Potter for the above ideas on 'alien abductions', and he is a UFO expert who developed this idea some years ago.) 
Clive's ideas would certainly explain this phenomena to some degree, and he too sees this as some form of 'extra-dimensional' rather than 'extra-terrestrial' (in the sense of 'alien' as the word is used today) form. We seem to have plenty of recorded accounts from hundreds of years ago of people seemingly moving out of this dimension into another, and returning after many years even though the time seemed hours or days. This 'dislocation' of time seems to be part of the phenomena. This was found in Mapp's account of King Herla, a typical account of such a phenomena. This has also been recorded in accounts of 'abduction' which cannot be a coincidence. The stories of Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis) are also based on this type of phenomena. 

Note, once again, the usage of fantasy fiction as source texts in that last line.

There is circumstantial evidence to suggest that Clive Potter and Wulf Ingessunu are mutual admirers. Read this posting on the Northwest Nationalists blog by someone calling himself "Nemesis":

Come on members of the British National Party... 

The anti-fascist site Notes from the Borderland claims that "Nemesis" is actually Clive Potter, but as it does not provide any evidence, I cannot verify this.

Woden and aliens, Doctor Who and Robin Hood, Lord of the Rings and Alice in Wonderland: all of this just goes to show how bizarre the Englisc nationalist movement really is. Just when I think it can't get any stranger, I find something like this.

How many other political movements have this kind of stuff going on?