Monday, 29 June 2015

Traitor trash, invader or coloniser? Some nutter on my "crimes against the English"

I noticed that my blog was mentioned in this thread at the Green Arrow's forum, where a member calling himself "Gamlegorm the White" asks whether I am "traitor trash, invader or colonizer?" This because I am "hounding English patriots" and therefore, in his eyes, "an enemy of the English and supporter of the genocide of the English". He then expresses hope that I will "stand trial for [my] crimes against the English":

The discussion, which was started by Gamlegorm, was on the subject of "white/British/English welfare societies". Apparently Gamlegorn took exception to my posts on the Leicester English Community Group, the Ipswich English Community Group, and the Northants English Welfare Society (NEWS).

In fact, Gamlegorm mentions this last group right at the start of the thread, where he talks about the number of hits received by its site and Facebook on November 21 2014:

I can find no public post from this time where NEWS says anything about its web traffic, so it would appear that Gamlegorm has access to the group's private data. Which would imply, of course, that he is personally involved with NEWS.

Note the quotation in Gamlegorm's signature. I did a search on this line, and turned up a tiny handful of hits - all of them related to the Northants English Welfare Society or its frontman Walter Greenway. For example, we have this posting from the NEWS blog:

And this comment by Greenway on a Western Spring post:

It seems entirely likely that "Gamlegorm" is, in fact, NEWS frontman Walter Greenway. This impression is furthered by the wry amusement he shows when he notices my mention of Greenway:

Another poster, Pharmaphil, suggests that I am a "paid shill":

In fact, this blog may even be "a form of psyops":

Finally, Gamlegorm suggests the possibility of pressing charges against me for genocide:

Yeah,  good luck with that one, Gamlegorm.

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