Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It's official - Woden's Folk worship Hitler

A few months ago I made a post about the bizarre Woden’s Folk organisation. Unbenownst to me, its founder Wulf Ingessunu had, shortly beforehand, begun operating a new blog under the name Wulfinga.

In my post I provided evidence that Woden’s Folk is a pro-Nazi organisation. I also pointed out that one of its most active members believes Hitler to have been an incarnation of a god, and that Wulf Ingessunu appears to have the same opinion.

Ingessunu's new blog provides further evidence that this is the case. Consider this passage:
“The end of the last cycle was closed by the incarnation of Wotan upon Earth in Germany, and the subsequent war against the Dark Forces which was the equivalent to the mythical Twelve Nights of Yule (1933 - 1945). This heralded the appearance of the 'Manu' who revived the Divine Order of Caste and held back the growing power of the Dark Forces and their plans for global control - at a spiritual level as much as a material level.”
The period from 1933 to 1945, of course, covers Hitler's time in power. If you are still unsure as to who the divine avatar who "revived the Divine Order of Caste and held back the growing power of the Dark Forces", then notice that Hitler is later specifically named in the same post:
“Only through recognising that a god can actually incarnate in the flesh will we be able to understand what I am trying to say - figures such as Alexandra the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler  can only be understood for what they were through a knowledge of the meaning of an avatar. This force can be creative or it can be destructive but it is there to herald a change in the order of things…”
Well, there we have it. There is now little room to doubt that Wulf Ingessunu, founder of Woden’s Folk, considers Hitler to have been an avatar of Woden who heroically fought against “Dark Forces” in World War II.
In a later post Ingessunu makes it even more explicit that he associates the Allies with the forces of darkness, and the Nazis with divine gods:
“A great deal is made of the 'Occult Reich' or 'Nazi Occultism' but rarely do we find anything about the occult forces that were working here in England, forces that were trying to shape a 'New World Order' after the catastrophe of World War II.


Dion Fortune used certain magical techniques to try to influence the course of the war, and to bring about the victory of the 'Allies' over the Third Reich.

There are two distinct things that emerge from a study of this work, the first being the influences behind her ideas and magical workings, and (to us) the important magical ideas that she used to influence events of her era - ideas that can easily be reversed and used against these same Forces of Evil that she and other Dark Lodges used against the rising of the Old Germanic Gods in the Germany of the time.”
Ingessunu goes on to cite Dion Fortune’s anti-Nazi views as being part of a Judeo-Christian plot against Aryans:
“Like much of the 'New Age' stuff banded about today, the work of this group also involved 'angelic' presences, these 'angels' being a Christian concept. Dion Fortune also mentions various Christian concepts used in her workings, proving beyond doubt that her work was concerned with the furtherance of the Judaeo-Christian aims, which are, and always have been, designed to distort the Folk-Soul of our Race.”
After this, Ingessunu quotes Dion Fortune’s comment that “There is no room for Nazism and democratic civilisation on the same globe, and one or the other will have to get off it.” Here is his response to this belief:
“We have seen what 'democratic civilisation' can do with the 'Brit-Am' alliance under the new 'American Empire' which has caused and created wars ever since World War II, and indeed caused that war and the previous world war too. This is rather more than a war between 'Nazism' and 'democratic civilisation' since it is a war between the evolutionary forces that are aiding man's evolution to the 'Superman', and the forces that are holding back that evolution through the creation of the 'Ultimate Man' (Nietzsche). The former seeks to strengthen the individual ego to create the Ultimate I,  whilst the latter seeks to merge the 'ego' into the 'All' and thus destroy the 'ego' altogether.”
He goes on:
“Only through these methods could the English be stopped from joining with their Germanic Brothers in Germany in a Holy War against the Jotun. It was the 'White Traitors' whose work undermined that of the Light Forces and this was done through such occult lodges as the Fraternity of the Inner Light.”
So, there we have it. Wulf Ingessunu believes that the Nazis were fighting a “holy war”, and blames “white traitors” for preventing the English from fighting alongside Hitler.

Woden’s Folk are a Nazi cult.

As a final note, here's something I've posted before - a Facebook message from the Steadfast Trust charity which openly invites the Hitler-worshippers of Woden's Folk to one of its events:

Now that Woden's Folk have been thoroughly exposed as neo-Nazis, perhaps the Steadfast Trust will issue a public statement denouncing the group and officially cutting all ties with it.

But I doubt it.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Metapedia and Basileus

On 14 July Basileus, an editor of the neo-Nazi wiki Metapedia, posted an article on English nationalism. I'm flattered to say that he drew upon my own three-post history of the "Englisc" nationalist movement:

Predictably, he's labelled me a communist. I'm actually an individualist, not a communist, but somehow I doubt that typing "individualist" next to each and every link to my blog would have the same emotive effect.

I'm already aware that Englisc nationalists hold a particular dislike for Normans and Jews, but Basileus takes an approach which is new to me by conflating the two groups. His introduction mentions the "Judeo-Norman oligarchy", and he later claims that
"The Norman race who rules Britain along with their Jewish financiers (whom they often interbreed with) have shown a deep hostility to the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic (Gaelic/Brythonic) masses for many, many centuries."
The article also claims that Woden's Folk is based on "the 6th century prophesy of the Hooded Men". The prophecy of the Hooded Man was actually created for the 1980s television series Robin of Sherwood; even the founder of Woden's Folk has admitted this fact, but Basileus seems to think that he can sweep it under the carpet.

In addition to the article itself, Basileus has put together this handy-dandy list of organisations, people and concepts related to English nationalism:

This is an odd mix. Although I've treated Englisc nationalism as a lunatic fringe subset of English nationalism, Basileus has done more or less the opposite by throwing a few mainstream cultural nationalists (such as Roy Faiers, founder of This England magazine) into a list that is skewed more towards bigots and nutters (such as Clive Calladine, Wulf Veldasson and Dan Rayner)

As for the organisations, some of them - such as Englisc Resistence - are little more than Facebook pages, and appear to have been included in the list primarily because I mentioned them in my overview of Englisc nationalism.

So, who is this Basileus fellow?

For a start, he is one of the key writers at the English-language Metapedia, a site which (perhaps unsurprisingly) was put together by a tiny handful of people. I took a look at the site's "recent changes" page and the vast majority of edits in the past few months were made by three people: A Wyatt Mann, NatAll75 and Basileus.

So far, the largest third-party body of information on him is at Encyclopadia Dramatica. This page should be taken with a grain of salt because, well, it's Encyclopedia Dramatica, but a lot of the information about his activities on Wikipedia under names such as "Yorkshirian" is solidly sourced.

Here are some of Basileus' finest moments. First, his description of Winston Churchill:
"Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a freemason and dilligent servant of Jewish finance, who portrayed himself to the world as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was the main politician involved in bringing Britain into World War II, whre he commited numerous war crimes, including causing the deaths of civilians, mostly Germans but even his own people."

In this curious conspiracy theory, Basileus cites "virile fascistic alphas" as the ideal man:
"Some figures in the alternative media such as Alan Watt and Alex Jones have focused in their works on the deliberate feminisation of Western men through chemical polution of the food and water supplies. The primary aim of this is to increase the levels of estrogen and reduce testosterone in men; one of the side-effects of this, including a general feminisation can be the growth of 'man-boobs' (gynaecomastia); an actual transsexual morphing of the male body against the will or consent of the general public.  This is a conspiracy to destroy European genetics, to turn men into degenerate liberal betas, instead of virile fascistic alphas, making them more passive to foreign invasion and laying down to the scheming ways of the plutocracy."

Unsurprisingly, he doesn't like Jews very much:
"For example, Ashkenazi Jews are highly intelligent people and yet they are the most bloodthirsty, animalistic band of psychopathic monsters on the face of the earth. Their crimes against humanity (ie - Bolshevism, formenting wars, revolutions, despoiling humans through their usury) easily dwarf that of low-IQ groups such as Australian Aboriginals for instance."

It gets worse:
"What is the origin of garlic as protection from vampires? There seems to be many similarities between vampires and Jews. Parasitic predators who live off the blood of others."

Basileus is also responsible for moving Metapedia's article on the Holocaust to "Jewish casualties of World War II", replacing the original page with this handy list:


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dan Rayner

I've been thinking about a post on Dan Rayner, founder of Nationalist Asatru News. I recently noticed that RationalWiki.org had already done the job by posting an article about him - which has since been deleted on the grounds that he is too obscure to be worth covering. So, here is an archive of their deleted article...

Dan Rayner is a 20 year old British white supremacist, holocaust denier and internet-conspiracy theorist crank. 

Rayner is a member of various white nationalist websites and blogs, and identifies as a 'pagan racial separatist'. He founded the Nationalist Asatru News in October 2013 which he describes as an "operational News company and political community organization outfit, having already completed 2 public meetings". In reality, it is little more than a shoddy website. Its sole member is also Rayner, and his two public meetings consisted of fewer than ten neo-Nazis (including a former Birmingham BNP organizer) who would go on to describe Rayner as a "weirdo" on the VNNforum.

[Note: From the link provided as a source, I am not sure which member is being referred to here. The word "weirdo" is not used in the thread, although "JackbootShaman" refers to Rayner as a "very weird kid"]

Aside from being a racist, Rayner is an Asatru pagan, and he has described his nutty racialized religious views in an interview hosted by Red Ice Radio.

He attended a "pro-Golden Dawn" fascist demonstration alongside National Front members outside the Greek Embassy of London on 9th November 2013.

Rayner currently is a Politics & Philosophy student at the University of Sheffield, England. The university is apparently aware of his extremist views, but has not been able to expel him. In August, 2014 he uploaded a video to YouTube where he is shown cycling around parts of Sheffield with a camera, moaning at the amount of Muslims he sees.

An assortment of skinheads and neo-Nazis at Stormfront have fallen out with Rayner, since he has described National Action as a "Jewish infiltrated" group.

Rayner also claims Nick Griffin is Jewish, which has caused him to be unpopular among British National Party members. Instead of voting BNP, Rayner has called for white nationalists to vote tactically for UKIP in the 2015 General Election.

In a desperate attempt to gain some followers, he has shut down his poorly received Nationalist Asatru News website and relaunched it as englishnews.org, stating that Asatru News was merely a "test phase". English News contains more insane ramblings from the man himself but is essentially the same website

Dan Rayner on LinkedIn
Facebook page

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Malorie Blackman and "too many white faces": anatomy of a media distortion

Malorie Blackman, as perceived by her detractors.

Last week children's author Malorie Blackman argued that kids' books should have more ethnic diversity. Sky News ran an article on her comments, quoting her as saying that "[readers] want to escape into fiction as well and read about other people, other cultures, other lives, other planets and so on, but I think there is a very significant message that goes out when you cannot see yourself at all in the books you are reading. I think it is saying 'well, you may be here, but do you really belong?'"

Seems a perfectly reasonable argument to me.

But what title did Sky decide to give the article?

"Children's Books 'Have Too Many White Faces'"

Now, let's make this absolutely clear. Nowhere in any of the quotes from Blackman featured in the article, or in the accompanying video, does she use the phrase "too many white faces." She calls for more non-white faces, yes, but this is not the same thing.

The headline seems to be referring to a comment made by Nikita Lalwani that "if everyone [in children's books] is white or Caucasian, it is just not accurate" - and this is a statement which is hard to disagree with. It does not equal "too many white faces."

You cannot even chalk Sky's misrepresentation up to a half-full/half-empty interpretation of Blackman's comments. In this era of self-published ebooks, it is possible for virtually infinite numbers of novels to be available on the marketplace. There is absolutely no reason why raising the number of books with non-white characters would involve decreasing the amount of books focused on white protagonists.

Nor is Blackman calling for books which demonise white people. One positive reaction to her comments was posted by an author who made the following comments:

"A call for more diversity shouldn’t be controversial.  Of course we need to see more diversity and inclusion in books, not just in ethnicity but representing kids from all walks and ways of life.  This isn’t political correctness, it’s just makes sense for stories to reflect the world around us and it’s only right that children get to see characters that they can identify with. 
I once had a conversation with someone in publishing who was uncomfortable that one of the ‘baddies’ in my story happened to be black.  She said that it could send out the wrong message.  I was rather taken aback and pointed out that the main ‘baddie’ in the story happened to be a white bloke (and the ‘heroine’ happened to be mixed race).  These creations weren’t ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’ by virtue of the colour of their skin.  Their actions and behaviour were character led, not colour led. It seems dishonest and unrealistic to portray any non-white characters as paragons of goodness for the sake of political correctness."

The Sky headline appears to have been chosen as a cynical means of getting hits from outraged reactionaries, but to its credit the site later revised the article with the more accurate title of "Call For More Ethnic Diversity In Kids' Books."

The original headline had already opened Blackman to a barrage of abuse, however, as she related in a follow-up article:

"Sky News saw fit to headline my interview – Children’s Books 'Have Too Many White Faces', a phrase I never used and which never even crossed my mind. When I complained, Sky apologised and changed the headline, but by then the damage had been done, with a number of publications publishing the Sky article with its original inflammatory headline. 
A deluge of racist abuse then descended upon my head. My Twitter feed was inundated with racist comments thinly disguised as indignation. I made the mistake of deleting a number of them, reporting two of the most threatening. I should not only have left them in my Twitter feed, but also retweeted every single one of them for my followers to see. I won’t make that mistake twice."

Amongst the far-right sites to attack Blackman was the Anglo-Saxon Foundation. A poster calling himself Woden's Child started a thread about the matter in a sub forum called "Anti-English/Anti-White racism and prejudice"; the topic simply repeated the original Sky headline, with a link to a Yahoo mirror of the article. Woden's Child later added his own thoughts:

Ironic how he claims that liberals "merely repeat a set of rules that govern their brainwashed state" and that "Talking sense and listening to anyone else's viewpoint is not in their remit" when he himself obviously hasn't listened to Blackman's point of view, and judged her arguments entirely by Sky's inaccurate headline. The Anglo-Saxon Foundation and their ilk like to think of themselves as awakened, and able to see through any media distortion; but this thread proves that they are quite willing to swallow a mass media lie, so long as it is a lie that fits their ideology.

Member Andy followed up with a pile of gibberish:

Saxon Patriot, meanwhile, claims that Blackman's objections are part of a Marxist book-burning plan:

This is obviously nonsense. The fact that Malorie Blackman has celebrated L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by dressing up as the Wicked Witch of the West proves that she is not out to destroy all classic children's literature.

What begins with book-burnings, argues Teutoburg Weald, will lead to political dissidents being burnt at the stake or shipped to concentration camps:

Incidentally, as I wrote here, Teutoburg Weald (real name Clive Calladine) is a Nazi sympathiser who considers Anders Breivik a hero and has advocated the murder of liberals and non-whites. To see him waxing lyrical about free speech and the evils of totalitarianism is positively nauseating.

After the concentration camps, says Witnere, there will be a genocide against all white English people sanctioned by none other than Stephen Fry himself:

Just to recap: Malorie Blackman calls for more children's books featuring ethnically diverse characters; the Anglo-Saxon Foundation views this as the first step in a process which will lead to all white people in England being rounded up and killed. And Blackman is meant to be the unreasonable one here!?

Eventually, Woden's Child linked to a news report which described how Sky had misquoted Blackman and the resulting barrage of racist abuse she abused online. Did he apologise for contributing to the misrepresentation of Blackman's entirely innocuous comments? No - his only response to this cyberbullying was "Ah, diddums."

As a final note, one member of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation is a self-published novelist named S.A. Swaffington. Under the name Ryan West, he wrote a novel called The Rise of the Saxons: And the Legend of Hengest and Horsa in which a bunch of proto-Nazi protagonists massacre children and lust after thirteen-year-old girls during an attempted genocide. Here is an excerpt from a review on Amazon:

'The Rise of the Saxons follows a band of Angle, Saxon and Jute "heroes" as they launch a campaign of genocide against the Britons (in the words of the main character, "lets holocaust them into oblivion"). They take a particular fondness for murdering defenceless children: near the start of the book Hengest slits the throat of a little girl who had been captured as a slave, and later on he uses a spiked ball to smash in the head of a nine-year-old boy who is cowering in fear. Meanwhile, two of his buddies throw small children into the air and catch them on swords, purely for fun.
The heroes of the story are associated with overtly Nazi or neo-Nazi imagery, including swastikas, double lightning bolts, raised-arm salutes, skinhead hair styles and - again - multiple uses of the word "holocaust".
There is one more thing which I think needs to be noted about this novel, however. When children are not being massacred, they are being sexualised.
At one point the character Hrothgar flirts with the female lead, Dresden. When she tells him that she is thirteen years old, he replies "Nearly a woman then, that's old enough for me... What's the matter love? I'll be gentle".
Dresden objects, but this is simply because she already has a boyfriend - Hrothgar is still allowed to join the "good guys", with this incident never being mentioned again. The novel portrays it as perfectly acceptable for a grown man to lust after a thirteen year old girl.
[...]There is nothing inherently wrong with a historical novel giving a "warts and all" portrayal of its chosen setting. But the main problem with Rise of the Saxons, as other reviewers have noted, is its propagandistic slant. In his note at the back, the author remarks that
"We are taught in England that we are British and therefore have viewed our history from a British perspective and so naturally we have viewed the Anglo-Saxons as foreign invaders. But if we say `NO!` to the people that wish to oppress English identity and do the most un-politically correct thing and think of our history from an English perspective then the Anglo-Saxons weren`t foreign at all, they were us. And we should honour their achievements and tell their stories, because if we don`t, then who will?"
Meanwhile, one of the five-star reviews expresses hope that "this book will act as a spark for other creative authors to produce works that glorify our Germanic English ancestors". But even setting aside the violence and racism, what is honourable or glorious about a grown adult making sexual passes at a thirteen-year-old?'
Sorry, Anglo-Saxon Foundation, but when it comes to portrayals of children in fiction, I'd say that Malorie Blackman is doing a better job of it than you lot.