Tuesday, 23 September 2014

It's official - Woden's Folk worship Hitler

A few months ago I made a post about the bizarre Woden’s Folk organisation. Unbenownst to me, its founder Wulf Ingessunu had, shortly beforehand, begun operating a new blog under the name Wulfinga.

In my post I provided evidence that Woden’s Folk is a pro-Nazi organisation. I also pointed out that one of its most active members believes Hitler to have been an incarnation of a god, and that Wulf Ingessunu appears to have the same opinion.

Ingessunu's new blog provides further evidence that this is the case. Consider this passage:
“The end of the last cycle was closed by the incarnation of Wotan upon Earth in Germany, and the subsequent war against the Dark Forces which was the equivalent to the mythical Twelve Nights of Yule (1933 - 1945). This heralded the appearance of the 'Manu' who revived the Divine Order of Caste and held back the growing power of the Dark Forces and their plans for global control - at a spiritual level as much as a material level.”
The period from 1933 to 1945, of course, covers Hitler's time in power. If you are still unsure as to who the divine avatar who "revived the Divine Order of Caste and held back the growing power of the Dark Forces", then notice that Hitler is later specifically named in the same post:
“Only through recognising that a god can actually incarnate in the flesh will we be able to understand what I am trying to say - figures such as Alexandra the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler  can only be understood for what they were through a knowledge of the meaning of an avatar. This force can be creative or it can be destructive but it is there to herald a change in the order of things…”
Well, there we have it. There is now little room to doubt that Wulf Ingessunu, founder of Woden’s Folk, considers Hitler to have been an avatar of Woden who heroically fought against “Dark Forces” in World War II.
In a later post Ingessunu makes it even more explicit that he associates the Allies with the forces of darkness, and the Nazis with divine gods:
“A great deal is made of the 'Occult Reich' or 'Nazi Occultism' but rarely do we find anything about the occult forces that were working here in England, forces that were trying to shape a 'New World Order' after the catastrophe of World War II.


Dion Fortune used certain magical techniques to try to influence the course of the war, and to bring about the victory of the 'Allies' over the Third Reich.

There are two distinct things that emerge from a study of this work, the first being the influences behind her ideas and magical workings, and (to us) the important magical ideas that she used to influence events of her era - ideas that can easily be reversed and used against these same Forces of Evil that she and other Dark Lodges used against the rising of the Old Germanic Gods in the Germany of the time.”
Ingessunu goes on to cite Dion Fortune’s anti-Nazi views as being part of a Judeo-Christian plot against Aryans:
“Like much of the 'New Age' stuff banded about today, the work of this group also involved 'angelic' presences, these 'angels' being a Christian concept. Dion Fortune also mentions various Christian concepts used in her workings, proving beyond doubt that her work was concerned with the furtherance of the Judaeo-Christian aims, which are, and always have been, designed to distort the Folk-Soul of our Race.”
After this, Ingessunu quotes Dion Fortune’s comment that “There is no room for Nazism and democratic civilisation on the same globe, and one or the other will have to get off it.” Here is his response to this belief:
“We have seen what 'democratic civilisation' can do with the 'Brit-Am' alliance under the new 'American Empire' which has caused and created wars ever since World War II, and indeed caused that war and the previous world war too. This is rather more than a war between 'Nazism' and 'democratic civilisation' since it is a war between the evolutionary forces that are aiding man's evolution to the 'Superman', and the forces that are holding back that evolution through the creation of the 'Ultimate Man' (Nietzsche). The former seeks to strengthen the individual ego to create the Ultimate I,  whilst the latter seeks to merge the 'ego' into the 'All' and thus destroy the 'ego' altogether.”
He goes on:
“Only through these methods could the English be stopped from joining with their Germanic Brothers in Germany in a Holy War against the Jotun. It was the 'White Traitors' whose work undermined that of the Light Forces and this was done through such occult lodges as the Fraternity of the Inner Light.”
So, there we have it. Wulf Ingessunu believes that the Nazis were fighting a “holy war”, and blames “white traitors” for preventing the English from fighting alongside Hitler.

Woden’s Folk are a Nazi cult.

As a final note, here's something I've posted before - a Facebook message from the Steadfast Trust charity which openly invites the Hitler-worshippers of Woden's Folk to one of its events:

Now that Woden's Folk have been thoroughly exposed as neo-Nazis, perhaps the Steadfast Trust will issue a public statement denouncing the group and officially cutting all ties with it.

But I doubt it.

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