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Metapedia and Basileus

On 14 July Basileus, an editor of the neo-Nazi wiki Metapedia, posted an article on English nationalism. I'm flattered to say that he drew upon my own three-post history of the "Englisc" nationalist movement:

Predictably, he's labelled me a communist. I'm actually an individualist, not a communist, but somehow I doubt that typing "individualist" next to each and every link to my blog would have the same emotive effect.

I'm already aware that Englisc nationalists hold a particular dislike for Normans and Jews, but Basileus takes an approach which is new to me by conflating the two groups. His introduction mentions the "Judeo-Norman oligarchy", and he later claims that
"The Norman race who rules Britain along with their Jewish financiers (whom they often interbreed with) have shown a deep hostility to the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic (Gaelic/Brythonic) masses for many, many centuries."
The article also claims that Woden's Folk is based on "the 6th century prophesy of the Hooded Men". The prophecy of the Hooded Man was actually created for the 1980s television series Robin of Sherwood; even the founder of Woden's Folk has admitted this fact, but Basileus seems to think that he can sweep it under the carpet.

In addition to the article itself, Basileus has put together this handy-dandy list of organisations, people and concepts related to English nationalism:

This is an odd mix. Although I've treated Englisc nationalism as a lunatic fringe subset of English nationalism, Basileus has done more or less the opposite by throwing a few mainstream cultural nationalists (such as Roy Faiers, founder of This England magazine) into a list that is skewed more towards bigots and nutters (such as Clive Calladine, Wulf Veldasson and Dan Rayner)

As for the organisations, some of them - such as Englisc Resistence - are little more than Facebook pages, and appear to have been included in the list primarily because I mentioned them in my overview of Englisc nationalism.

So, who is this Basileus fellow?

For a start, he is one of the key writers at the English-language Metapedia, a site which (perhaps unsurprisingly) was put together by a tiny handful of people. I took a look at the site's "recent changes" page and the vast majority of edits in the past few months were made by three people: A Wyatt Mann, NatAll75 and Basileus.

So far, the largest third-party body of information on him is at Encyclopadia Dramatica. This page should be taken with a grain of salt because, well, it's Encyclopedia Dramatica, but a lot of the information about his activities on Wikipedia under names such as "Yorkshirian" is solidly sourced.

Here are some of Basileus' finest moments. First, his description of Winston Churchill:
"Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a freemason and dilligent servant of Jewish finance, who portrayed himself to the world as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was the main politician involved in bringing Britain into World War II, whre he commited numerous war crimes, including causing the deaths of civilians, mostly Germans but even his own people."

In this curious conspiracy theory, Basileus cites "virile fascistic alphas" as the ideal man:
"Some figures in the alternative media such as Alan Watt and Alex Jones have focused in their works on the deliberate feminisation of Western men through chemical polution of the food and water supplies. The primary aim of this is to increase the levels of estrogen and reduce testosterone in men; one of the side-effects of this, including a general feminisation can be the growth of 'man-boobs' (gynaecomastia); an actual transsexual morphing of the male body against the will or consent of the general public.  This is a conspiracy to destroy European genetics, to turn men into degenerate liberal betas, instead of virile fascistic alphas, making them more passive to foreign invasion and laying down to the scheming ways of the plutocracy."

Unsurprisingly, he doesn't like Jews very much:
"For example, Ashkenazi Jews are highly intelligent people and yet they are the most bloodthirsty, animalistic band of psychopathic monsters on the face of the earth. Their crimes against humanity (ie - Bolshevism, formenting wars, revolutions, despoiling humans through their usury) easily dwarf that of low-IQ groups such as Australian Aboriginals for instance."

It gets worse:
"What is the origin of garlic as protection from vampires? There seems to be many similarities between vampires and Jews. Parasitic predators who live off the blood of others."

Basileus is also responsible for moving Metapedia's article on the Holocaust to "Jewish casualties of World War II", replacing the original page with this handy list:


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