Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dan Rayner

I've been thinking about a post on Dan Rayner, founder of Nationalist Asatru News. I recently noticed that RationalWiki.org had already done the job by posting an article about him - which has since been deleted on the grounds that he is too obscure to be worth covering. So, here is an archive of their deleted article...

Dan Rayner is a 20 year old British white supremacist, holocaust denier and internet-conspiracy theorist crank. 

Rayner is a member of various white nationalist websites and blogs, and identifies as a 'pagan racial separatist'. He founded the Nationalist Asatru News in October 2013 which he describes as an "operational News company and political community organization outfit, having already completed 2 public meetings". In reality, it is little more than a shoddy website. Its sole member is also Rayner, and his two public meetings consisted of fewer than ten neo-Nazis (including a former Birmingham BNP organizer) who would go on to describe Rayner as a "weirdo" on the VNNforum.

[Note: From the link provided as a source, I am not sure which member is being referred to here. The word "weirdo" is not used in the thread, although "JackbootShaman" refers to Rayner as a "very weird kid"]

Aside from being a racist, Rayner is an Asatru pagan, and he has described his nutty racialized religious views in an interview hosted by Red Ice Radio.

He attended a "pro-Golden Dawn" fascist demonstration alongside National Front members outside the Greek Embassy of London on 9th November 2013.

Rayner currently is a Politics & Philosophy student at the University of Sheffield, England. The university is apparently aware of his extremist views, but has not been able to expel him. In August, 2014 he uploaded a video to YouTube where he is shown cycling around parts of Sheffield with a camera, moaning at the amount of Muslims he sees.

An assortment of skinheads and neo-Nazis at Stormfront have fallen out with Rayner, since he has described National Action as a "Jewish infiltrated" group.

Rayner also claims Nick Griffin is Jewish, which has caused him to be unpopular among British National Party members. Instead of voting BNP, Rayner has called for white nationalists to vote tactically for UKIP in the 2015 General Election.

In a desperate attempt to gain some followers, he has shut down his poorly received Nationalist Asatru News website and relaunched it as englishnews.org, stating that Asatru News was merely a "test phase". English News contains more insane ramblings from the man himself but is essentially the same website

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