Monday, 14 April 2014

Abu Ibraheem Husnayn: Diaries of an Exorcist

Abu Ibraheem Husnayn is a Birmingham-based practitioner of what he calls "ruqya". Literally translating as "incantation", he uses the term to describe an Islamic exorcism

Husnayn runs a YouTube series entitled Diaries of an Exorcist. In the first episode, he laments how his views are not more widely shared: "Unfortunately, there are many Muslim brothers and sisters who feel sure of their Islamic creed, and yet they don't believe in the djinn, they don't believe in magic, they don't believe in [the] evil eye, whereas all of these have been established either [by Allah or Mohammed]".

His website is at, but the official Facebook page of his series is more interesting:

Husnayn's commentators are just as barmy. Here, one of them claims that Aleister Crowley was the grandfather of George W. Bush:

This is all rather reminiscent of the "Deliverance Ministry" movement in America - although, amusingly, both groups would regard each other's faiths as demonic.

The Oldbury Faith Foundation, registered charity number 1141580, has willingly provided a platform for Husnayn to spout this nonsense.

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