Monday, 8 December 2014

Basileus redux: not even Metapedia wants him

A while back I made a post about the Metapedia editor Basileus. For those unaware, Metapedia is a white supremacist wiki that originated in Sweden and has since sprouted mirror sites in other languages; in my earlier post about it, I noted that the active membership of the English-language Metapedia consisted primarily of three people: A Wyatt Mann, NatAll75 and Basileus. The last of these three had gained enough infamy to be attacked by Encyclopedia Dramatica, primarily for picking fights with various Wikipedia admins.

The plot has since thickened. In late November, a member of the white nationalist forum who calls himself "Krom" started a thread objecting to Basileus' behaviour. Yes - Basileus has become an annoyance even to his fellow white supremacists.

Here is what Krom has to say:

Other members of the forum - Spoof and Daniel F. - agreed with this assessment. Daniel F. seems to be a significant figure in this circle as he is both an administrator of and a staff member of Metapedia:

So, yes, Basileus is clearly in trouble with the big boys.

A recurring criticism is Basileus' habit of branding anybody he dislikes as Jewish:

Just as a reminder, these people are Basileus' fellow white nationalists.

The jury for the defence, meanwhile, consisted of the aforementioned A Wyatt Man and another Metapedia editor named Hu1. This second fellow previously courted controversy at Nordusk due to a dispute about how many Jews exist on the planet, or something along those lines. Here is what Hu1 has to say on the current controversy:

As a result of all this, Basileus was banned on 27 November:

A Wyatt Mann suffered the same fate later on:

So, out of the three regular editors that I identified in my last post about Metapedia, only NatAll75 remains. At the time of writing, he and a member named Upplysning appear to be spending most of their time on the site clearing up Basileus' mess.

What Metapedia's "recent changes" section looks like round about now. That's a whole lotta deletions...

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