Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Essex English Community Group - another bunch of bigots

 The Essex English Community Group holds a meeting

I've been meaning to make a post about the Essex English Community Group for a while now. This was one of the organisations set up in response to the Steadfast Trust's call for a network of groups that will save us English people from the crushing bigotry we all face as a result of being, er, the ethnic majority of England. Poor us.

But now that I've sat down to write the post, I find that the group appears to have vanished. Its main page has vanished from Facebook, and its alt account has been renamed "Saxon Blood" with no mention of it ever having represented an organisation.

Fortunately, I bagged a few screengrabs of the group's bigoted ramblings while it was around. After swiping a few more from RationalWiki - currently the only website to go into any detail about the EECG - I think I've got enough to be going on with...

To the Essex English Community Group, black people are "wogs":

East Asians are "the yellow peril":

Non-white people in general are "orcs":

Mixed-race children have amusing names (notice that this was liked by someone calling himself "Ragnar Wodensson", who is presumably oblivious to the irony)

Homosexuals are "men who stick their todgers up each others arses" and so cannot complain about homophobia:

Shortly after the group was set up, it was attacked by someone called Maya:

The incident allowed the EECG to indulge in a spot of male chauvinism:

Note that Paul Pitt and Mark Pringle, who took part in the above debate, have each achieved a degree of infamy elsewhere. These people are not the only eyebrow-raising members of the Essex English Community Group, however...

  Jim Morgan: the biggest bigot in the EECG?

From this screengrab, we can see that one of the group's active members was a chap named Jim Morgan:

Jim Morgan later changed his name on Facebook to "Albion Angelcynn", as demonstrated by this later screencap of the discussion in the upper-right of the above image:

At the time of writing, he is using both names at the same time:

This screengrab of his Facebook photo album should give you a general idea of Morgan's political leanings:

Any doubt that Morgan is a Nazi sympathiser should be put to rest by this image:

 It goes on:

Morgan seems remarkably fond of the above image, as he has posted it at least three times:

Morgan and the Essex ECG share a fondness for firearms:

He is apparently preparing for a race war:

It comes as little surprise to find that Jim Morgan is a supporter of Anders Breivik, and considers those who would condemn Breivik's massacre to be mere "UAF paedos" (does UAF even exist in Norway?):

Morgan's fondness for violence against the defenceless is more than mere talk, as he has admitted to driving his car at a pregnant Roma woman in London:

So, where is all this leading? Well, just like the similarly racist Northants English Welfare Society, the Essex English Community Group was given the thumbs-up by the Steadfast Trust, which listed it as one of the organisations "which can benefit from help in the form of financial grants and advice / assistance from the Steadfast Trust":

Note that the above post was made in October 2014. The EECG had been active on Facebook since December 2012, so the Steadfast Trust must surely have known that it was a racist organisation which was willing to act as a happy home to neo-Nazi terrorist wannabes such as Jim Morgan.

Thus, we are faced with two options:

1) The Steadfast Trust simply does not care how racist its satellite organisations are, so long as they share its ethnic English nationalist agenda; or
2) The Steadfast Trust, registered charity no. 105806, is making an active effort to promote white supremacist groups.

Which is it, Steadfast?

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