Thursday, 12 February 2015

Englisc nationalism's attempts to hijack Holocaust Memorial Day

On January 27 1945, the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. For this reason, January 27 is recognised as Holocaust Memorial Day.

Here is how the Englisc nationalists of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation decided to mark the occasion:

So, it should not come as a surprise to learn that the Englisc nationalist movement is attempting to hijack Holocaust Memorial Day and use it for a different purpose: commemorating the Norman conquest.

Stormfront poster Atrociter talks about how he attended a demonstration at the Tower of London on 27th January 2014:

Later on, he expressed an interest in relocating the demonstration to Nottinghamshire's National Holocaust Centre and Museum for 2015:

One of the attendants (identifying themsevles simply as "S") forwarded a shot from the 2014 demonstration to this antisemitic blog, stating that "We held this demo on holocaust day at the Tower of London":

The Gumtree page for the recently-formed Ipswich English Community Group contains a photograph which appears to be from the same event:

In December, Darren "Edmundy" Clarke (secretary of the Ipswich English Community Group) announced that some kind of event would take place "on the 27th of Jan,in the lost city":

"Lost city" is a term these people sometimes use to identify Leicester, but I can't find any evidence of a nationalist event taking place there (or anywhere else) on this year's Holocaust Memorial Day.

Now, it's worth noting that Holocaust Memorial Day is also used to commemorate genocidal atrocities that were carried out after the Nazi Holocaust, such as those that took place in Rwanda, Darfur, Srebrenica and Cambodia. But stretching it to cover the Norman conquest is patently absurd.

The Nazi Holocaust, and comparable atrocities that followed, occurred within living memory, while the Norman Conquest occurred a thousand years ago. Plus, William the Conqueror's biggest atrocity was murdering 100,000 civilians in the Harrying of the North. Let's face it, compared to twentieth-century despots such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao, William was an amateur!

Atrociter declares that the Norman Conquest is, from an English point of view, the "only relevant holocaust". Apparently these Englisc nationalists consider geographical location to trump both scale and proximity in time.

UPDATE: It would appear that the "lost city" was in fact London, judging by this posting from the Englisc Resistance Facebook page:

Crikey. The 2015 demonstration looks even more pitiful than last year's. And scrolling down below this posting, I was entirely unsurprised to find that the same page saw fit to republish an antisemitic cartoon from Der Sturmer:

It is reasonable to ask how much of this campaign is motivated by desire to shed light on English history, and how much is motivated by contempt for Jews.

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