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The last Exposure post: More on the Global Aid Trust

This is the final post in my series following up on the ITV documentary Exposure: Charities Behaving Badly. Previously, I covered the Steadfast Trust (and its response), Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (adding my own findings) and the Global Aid Trust. Now, it's time to take a closer look at that last charity...

First off, Rizwan Hussein, the charity's acting chief, cut his losses by resigning shortly before the documentary was broadcast, admitting that his departure was "in connection with the documentary."

I was not previously familiar with Global Aid Trust, and indeed, I have not found a great deal of material covering it online - it does not even have a Wikipedia article yet (although there is one for Rizwan Hussein).

I dug for controversies from before the documentary aired, and found that Global Aid Trust previously came under fire in February 2014 when it held an event at the fundamentalist-laden East London Mosque. Amongst the speakers were Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthari and Suliman Gani, both extremists.

Stand for Peace has a good run-down of their noxious views:

Suliman Gani, a Muslim chaplain, believes women are subservient to men. He is a vocal supporter of Aafia Siddiqui, a convicted terrorist described by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller as “an al-Qaeda operative and facilitator.” When arrested in 2008, Siddiqui was found in possession of bomb-making instructions and a list of New York landmarks. During her trial, Siddiqui demanded the court ensure none of the lawyers or jurors involved was Jewish.

Moreover, Gani claims homosexuality is “unnatural”, claiming: “Sometimes I always, maybe joking, say, God Almighty created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve. … If somebody does come to me and say that they have this inclination [homosexuality], then I will say think about the consequence of your action, how harmful it is for yourself and the society at large. … Abstain from that unnatural act, and you make that firm resolution that you will never return to that action again.”
Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthari, meanwhile, supports the killing of adulterers [...]

Al-Kawthari has also advised that, “Women should not come out of their homes unnecessarily.”
He frequently expresses hatred against non-Muslims, advising: “Do not commence by greeting the Christians and Jews with Salam. If you meet one of them on a pathway, force them to walk on the side … The reason for this impermissibility of saying Salam to non-Muslims is to not show them respect.” On another occasions, Al-Kawthari has claimed, “We live in an age where evils such as incest among the non-Muslims is becoming common.”

He advocates that thieves should have their hands and feet amputated...
The Global Aid Trust was revealed once again to have dirty hands the following May. The Gatestone Institute has the sordid details:

The UK Charity Commission has repeatedly issued warnings that charity "aid convoys" are being exploited by British Muslim jihadists who want passage to Syria. But are these charities really such innocent actors?


Radical preachers frequently appear at aid convoy fundraisers. On May 30, the Global Aid Trust will be hosting a fundraising event for its aid convoys to Syria. The main speaker featured at the event is Jalal ibn Saeed, an American Islamist preacher who has lived in Britain since the 1990s. Saeed has claimed, "We selfishly live like the Jews, who only care about themselves." Additionally, Saeed glorifies death and has expressed praise for the Taliban.

The other announced speaker is Musa Adnan, a "volunteer coordinator" for the Convivencia Trust, an Islamist charity. Convivencia's officials have voiced praise for Hitler and described Shia Muslims as "donkeys of Jews."
There is not a great amount more to say about Global Aid Trust. What we have here is yet another case of an Islamic organisation that puts on a moderate face, but is actually in bed with extremists.

I was intrigued by "Dawah Man", one of the controversial speakers showcased on the documentary. It turns out that the real name of this rapping superhero is Imran ibn Mansur, whose homophobic attitudes got him banned from the University of East London last year. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on him in the future...

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