Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Northants English Welfare Society and Stephen Osborne

I've written before about the Northants English Welfare Society (NEWS), which is fronted by a neo-Nazi who operates under the pseudonym of "Walter Greenway". In another post I mentioned that somebody had found my blog by entering the search term "walter greenway northants english welfare stephen osborne".

Who is Stephen Osborne? Well, I came across this page on the NEWS website:

Here's a closer look at the photo - notice the golliwog perched proudly atop the shelves:

The same man appears to be present in this photograph of a Northants English Welfare Society protest:

("Refugees not welcome"? And neo-Nazis like Walter Greenway are welcome, I suppose...?)

It would appear that NEWS is not the only far-right group that Mr. Osborne has been involved with. in the 2011 local elections, the BNP's candidate for Westone was one Stephen Osborne - and as Westone is a borough of Northampton, the odds are pretty high that this is the same Stephen Osborne who is now involved with the Northants English Welfare Society.

One post on the NEWS blog shows Stephen Osborne, along with someone called Robert Osborne, as children:

I mention this because the aforementioned Walter Greenway also had an old-fashioned photograph of a child as his avatar:

Could it be that "Walter Greenway" and Stephen Osborne are one and the same? It's a possibility...

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