Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fighting over the flag

In my previous post I discussed evidence pointing to the white dragon flag - the symbol of the ethnic English nationalist movement - having been created by a neo-Nazi group called Woden's Folk. Exhibit A in my argument was a thread at the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, a forum with close ties to Woden's Folk, in which a member openly admitted that WF had created the flag.

I would like to take a closer look at that thread...

The thread was started by a member called Valkyrie, who correctly pointed out that the only historical instances of the white dragon being used as a symbol of the English are found in a small body of legend that may be of Welsh origin:

The other ASFers were outraged at the suggestion that their beloved white dragon might actually be a Welsh symbol, and strove to prove Valkyrie wrong. They failed.

Some members pointed to Saxons and other Germanic peoples using dragons as emblems, which misses the point- Valkyrie was asking specifically about the white dragon:

A fine example of moving the goalposts is provided by Andy Cooper. Apparently colourblind, he seems to think that Harold flying a gold dragon is evidence that the Anglo-Saxons had a white dragon emblem:

Seaxan, the board owner, accused Valkyrie of being a "Facepunch troll" (Facepunch being forum that was making fun of the ASF at the time - had the discussion taken place a few months before or after, she would likely be accused of being a UAF troll instead)

Paul Young - a Woden's Folk cultist who posts under the pseudonym Yngvi - was similarly outraged at Valkyrie casting doubt on the symbol of his movement:

He goes on to insist that the white dragon is "an ancient symbol of our ancestors" and then claims that Valkyrie prefers the rainbow flag of gay pride - because anybody who questions the historical basis of the white dragon flag must be homosexual, apparently:

Paul Young then proceeds to go completely off the deep end, offering the completely baseless theory that the dragon in the Book of Revelation represents the English, and that the fallen angels are actually Angles:

Inevitably, the thread then collapses into common-or-garden racism:

It is pretty clear from this discussion that the ASFers have a deep emotional attachment to the idea that the Anglo-Saxons of pre-Norman England were boldly marching into battle beneath white dragon banners, the symbol of their superior race. Anybody who points out the complete lack of any historical evidence for this would be most unwelcome, as Valkyrie found out...

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