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White Wyrm Rising - who is Edmund Dee?

In my previous post I talked about the book White Wyrm Rising: A Journey into Modern English Nationalism, which was published by Anglo-Saxon Books via its imprint Athelney.

The book is credited to "Edmund Dee", but something about this seemed fishy. I have written at length about the nationalist circle which the writer belongs to, and yet I had never come across anyone named Edmund Dee until this book was published. What's more, the author shows a fascination for King Edmund - the overlap in names seemed a little too big of a coincidence to me. So, I concluded that "Edmund Dee" is most likely a pseudonym.

So who is the author of the book?

As I noted in my first post about Anglo-Saxon Books/Athelney, a Google search on the title "White Wyrm Rising" prior to the book's publication turned up two relevant hits. One was a posting by an Anglo-Saxon Foundation member named Edmundy:

And for those of you who haven't twigged yet: Edmundy. Edmund Dee. It doesn't exactly take a Holmes to realise that Edmundy might be plugging his own book here.

Darren Clarke, as pictured in the East Anglian Daily Times.

As I demonstrated here, "Edmundy" is actually Darren Clarke, secretary of the Ipswich English Community Group and one of the more memorable people to appear in Exposure's segment about the Steadfast Trust. If you require further proof that Darren Clarke is the true identity of Edmund Dee, then here are a few more connections...

In this excerpt from White Wyrm Rising, Edmund Dee expresses an interest in metal detection and shows familiarity with Father Bryan Houghton's 1970 book Edmund, King and Martyr:

Compare this with Darren "Edmundy" Clarke, who expresses an interest in metal detection...

...And shows familiarity with Father Bryan Houghton's 1970 book Edmund, King and Martyr:

Next, Edmund Dee recounts how, alongside four locals, he helped to deliver a survey questionnaire on behalf of the Leicester English Community Group:

This photo, uploaded by the LECG, would appear to show the deliverers in question... and the group includes Darren Clarke:

While discussing his involvement with the 2012 March for England event in Brighton, Edmund describes how he and his neo-Nazi pal Steed carried a banner advertising an "English community website" with a slogan saying that the government is the enemy of the English people:

Take a look at this video of the march. At about 8:15 in, we can see what is almost certainly the banner in question, held by three men. And the man on the right is clearly Darren Clarke:

As we can see, the evidence overwhelmingly indicates that Edmund Dee is Darren "Edmundy" Clarke.

In the interests of balance, I should mention that there is also a point in the book where Edmund Dee mentions "Edmundy" in the third person:

But then, if Clarke were writing the book under a pseudonym, he would obviously be trying to hide his identity. Isn't it quite possible, then, that he would refer to himself in the third person so as to throw people off?

If Edmund Dee is Darren Clarke, then we are left with one last question of identity...

The final question: who is Atrociter?

As noted, Edmundy/Clarke was one of two people who I found had posted about White Wyrm Rising prior to its publication; the other was a Stormfront member who calls himself Atrociter (FSTDT has an archive of this person's more remarkable postings):

We now have a pretty good idea of how Edmundy/Clarke came across the book while it was still unpublished, as he appears to have written it. But how did Atrociter come across White Wyrm Rising?

We could theorise that he learnt about the book from Edmundy's post, which was made four days previously. But if we compare the two posts we can see that Atrociter went into rather more detail about the book - almost as though he was privy to the writing process.

So is it possible that Atrociter, too, is Darren Clarke?

Let's look at the evidence. Atrociter says that he lives on the Suffolk border - a description which fits Sudbury resident Clarke:

Edmund Dee relates how he attended a demonstration at the Tower of London on 27 January 2014:

This demonstration was also attended by Atrociter:

This is particularly significant when we consider the small scale of the demo:

"Wodensson, Nes, Edmundy, 3 Sons and the other woken Englishmen", apparently. (Clarke/Edmundy can be seen on the left, holding a flagpole)

Atrociter likes to refer to non-white people as "orcs" - a habit that is common at the ASF but rare at Stormfront:

This habit is shared by Darren Clarke:

Meanwhile, Atrociter and Clarke/Edmundy have the same taste in bumper stickers:

Edmund is concerned about media portrayals of interracial marriage, particularly in advertising:

(And as an aside, Darren Clarke's Facebook likes include "White Girls Who Date White Guys"):

Meanwhile, Atrociter shows a similar concern about interracial relationships in adverts:

Edmundy refers to London as a "lost city":

And Atrociter uses the same turn of phrase to identify Peterborough:

Atrociter also shares Clarke's fondness for St. Edmund and has posted about him at Stormfront a number of times (And is that an Eadmund silver penny in his avatar? I'm reminded of Darren Clarke's interest in metal detection...)

This last post is particularly interesting. As well as plugging White Wyrm Rising again, Atrociter mentions Woden's Folk - which he refers to as "Wodensfolc".

I'm not sure why he used this unorthodox spelling, but out of curiosity, I did a search on it:

Out of six hits, four refer to some kind of video game, while one is the Atrociter post above. The remainder is an Anglo-Saxon Foundation posting which was made by...

...Darren "Edmundy" Clarke.

It's also worth mentioning that Atrociter is a fan of Englisc Gateway, the website which hosts the Anglo-Saxon Foundation:

As a final tidbit, look at this excerpt from Edmund Dee's account of the life of King Edmund:

Coincidence, or...?

Is Atrociter actually Darren Clarke? Let's recap:

  • Both knew about White Wyrm Rising and its contents before the book was published;
  • Both live on the Suffolk border;
  • Both are supporters of Englisc-Gateway;
  • Both attended a small-scale demonstration at the Tower of London on 27 January 2014;
  • Both own bumper stickers saying "What's so 'great' about Britain? I'm English!" and "St Edmund - True Patron Saint of England";
  • Both refer to Woden's Folk as "Wodensfolc", a spelling apparently used by no-one else on the Internet.

And that's on top of the overlapping traits that are common amongst Englisc nationalists - celebrating St Edmund's Day, referring to non-white people as "orcs", complaining about portrayals of interracial marriages in the media and so forth.

Anglo-Saxon Books purports to be a respectable publisher. If it has released a propaganda book written by a Stormfront member - and the evidence certainly indicates that it has - then that is a very serious thing indeed.

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