Friday, 27 January 2017

The Anglo-Saxon Foundation on the murder of Jo Cox

Thomas Mair, murderer.

The Anglo-Saxon Foundation made some very interesting comments about the murder of MP Jo Cox at the hands of Thomas Mair back in June, as can be seen here and here.

Antony, who broke the news, suggested that Thomas Mair was a victim of mind control:

Witnere continued the conspiratorial angle:

As did Clive "Teutoburg Weald" Calladine:

The discussion quickly turned into an attack on the murdered Jo Cox:

In a bizarre twist, Antony posted an antisemitic rant about Christopher Hitchens, although he admits that "my information that Christopher was mind controlled anyway is possibly mistaken":

Witnere continued the antisemitic flavour with an attack on Times columnist David Aaronovitch:

The posters were excited to learn that Mair was born in Scotland, and therefore nothing to do with their movement:

This post is particularly amusing:

To make sense of this, bear in mind that the Anglo-Saxon Foundation has deluded itself into thinking that, according to left-wing orthodoxy, only the English can be racist. Consequently, in Sceadugenden's addled mind, left-wingers will somehow be in a quandary in finding that Mair is from Scotland.

In reality, of course, you'd be hard-pressed to find a left-winger who is in a "quandary" about Anders Breivik being Norwegian, Mussolini Italian or Hitler Austrian. But then, Sceadugenden clearly does not live in reality.

As a final note, the ASFers should not be surprised at the murder of Jo Cox. After all, they themselves have advocated political murder:

The assassination of Cox was, at the end of the day, exactly the kind of thing that the ASF has been calling for.

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