Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Mark Taylor and the Nazis

Woden's Folk, the racist cult which reveres Hitler as a divine avatar, has a new logo. It claims that the logo was designed by someone called "Scyld".

Who is "Scyld"?

He is Mark Taylor, a man closely involved with the Steadfast Trust charity. He was, at one point, a trustee of the charity; when he was featured on ITV's Exposure, he was identified as being (alongside Tim Hawke) one of the people running the Steadfast Trust. I am unable to confirm whether or not he is presently involved with Steadfast following its deregistration by the charity commission.

The fact that Taylor is now designing logos for Nazis is still further evidence of just how racist the Steadfast Trust is.

Mark Taylor in the Exposure documentary on the Steadfast Trust.

Proof that "Scyld" is Mark Taylor

There is a member of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation forum called "Scyld Scefing". As you can see, he has repeatedly mentioned his involvement with the Steadfast Trust:

As a side note, he is also a blatant racist who supports the BNP:

More significantly, meanwhile, he gives his email address as

How does this connect to Mark Taylor? Well, Taylor is a painter, and he runs a website about his work called Wyrdart:

And he also runs a recruitment consultancy called Butler-Taylor, as can be seen at his LinkedIn page here. The page will require a LinkedIn account to view, but you will be able to see his profile image by entering "Mark Taylor Butler Taylor" into Google Images:

Just to emphasise that the Mark Taylor of Butler-Taylor is the same as the Mark Taylor of the Steadfast Trust, look at this news report from the old Steadfast website:

So, "Scyld Scefing" is involved with the Steadfast Trust (like Mark Taylor) and his email address combines the names of a website run by Mark Taylor and a company run Mark Taylor. Who can be possibly be, other than Mark Taylor?

And there's more. Here's an individual on Facebook called Scyld Scefing. Note that his main image refers to Steadfast, while his photo album contains paintings from Mark Taylor's Wyrdart:

And to take everything full circle, just look at the stylistic similarities between these three images - the new Woden's Folk logo, the avatar of the ASF member Scyld Scefing, and an image uploaded by the Facebook member Scyld Scefing:

And, for even more evidence, here are additional threads from the ASF tying Scyld Scefing to Mark Taylor/Wyrdart:

Scold Scefing promise a new poster available at Wyrdart.

A discussion about Wyrdart, where Scyld Scefing mentions having updated the website.

"I hope Sclyd doesn't mind you doing one with his mail-dressed warrior, too. Perhaps work the word 'Wyrdart' in, to give him credit?"

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